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Definition of Management Style:

To understand Management Style, let us understand what is meant by Management. Management is the art of bringing employees together, making them work together such that they complement one another. It is crucial for strengthening the team bond and makes them work together as a whole. It is important to know that employees are happy being a part of the task and able to perform at their best. 

They are broadly categorized into: 

Is it important to know your Management Style?

It is important mainly because it determines how best you can operate and lead your team. The four advantages of knowing your management style are:

Improving your Management Style:

Certainly, there’s no one style that fits all. Also, there’s no perfect style that can work with every team every time. The best management style is the one that aligns with your strengths and brings out the best in your employees. It can adapt to the circumstances and is more well rounded for the team’s growth. Once you identify your core strength and style, here are some ways by which you can improve the effectiveness of it. 

Different Management Styles: 

Here is a list of 10 management styles that you can inculcate in your leadership strategy. Often, it is a combination of these styles that leads to effective management.