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Definition of Orientation:

Employee orientation is about introducing new employees to the workplace which includes their job responsibilities, their team members, departments and so on. The idea is to make them feel at home, make them aware of the company policies and familiarize them with the new role and people they will work with. 

Why is Employee Orientation important?

Employee orientation sets the first impression on your new employees. It's like a trailer you play for the new employees, telling them how their life at work would be. An effective orientation can significantly help in reducing employee turnover at your company. Both the company and the employee can reap the benefits of a good orientation. 
The orientation will convey the expectations and responsibilities to the new employee, helping them set the course for their work. It will get them started on any training and certification necessary for their work, which helps them get productive at the earliest. 

Your orientation program should answer questions that your new hires may have about their roles and responsibilities, company policies, or anything about the workplace. 

What should you include in your employee orientation?

The aim is to make your employees feel welcome and help them get started effectively. Here are some things you can do to make them feel comfortable: