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Definition of Probationary Period:

Probationary period is the initial period of employment where the employer is exempt from following the contractual terms of employment, particularly regarding employment termination. Probationary period is the trial period, beneficial for both employers and employees to see the employment is working for them, whether they are a ‘good fit’. 

How long does the probationary period last?

Probationary periods are usually three to six months long, although this might extend to a year if the company wants to evaluate the employee further. 

For contract employees or part-time employees, probationary periods are much shorter. 

Why is the probationary period important?

Probation period gives employers the opportunity to evaluate the candidate and see if they have made the right hiring decision. New employees are assessed for their skills, their regularity and promptness. Are they a good cultural fit? Do they take PTOs frequently? How efficient are they at work? These are some answers sought by the employers. 


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