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Definition of Talent Acquisition:

Usually a function of the human resources department, Talent Acquisition is identifying, attracting, screening, interviewing, and hiring talent to meet the workforce needs of your organization. Sometimes the Talent Acquisition team (TA) works as a separate unit that works along with the HR team. 

Importance of Talent Acquisition:

Talent Acquisition is a part of long-term planning of every company. Once the course of the company is decided, it gives TA experts enough time to identify and network with the skilled workers on platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, etc. They can chart the talent’s career map in the organization, making it easier to attract the talent to your organization. It is not about merely filling an open position; it is about strategising the employee’s career growth. It is a careful approach towards reducing employee turnover, as TA does a careful evaluation of the talent, avoiding bad hires and the costs associated with such unsuccessful hires. 
Also, having the right talent helps to steer the company towards the right direction. Else, the company would be struggling to low levels of productivity, lack of leadership staff, and low motivation.

Advantages of Situational Leadership:

A skilled TA professional must possess the following skills:

  • Experience in the industry and the field of recruitment
  • Knowledge of sourcing techniques
  • Analytical skills
  • Certification in HR
  • Prior experience with ATS, sourcing tools and social media platforms
  • Knowledge of various niche sourcing channels and job boards
  • Professional skills which includes
  • Communication
  • Listening 
  • Multi tasking 
  • Networking
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Social

And so on.