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Definition of Transformational Leadership:

Transformational leadership style inspires and fosters positive change in the followers. Transformational leaders encourage followers, energise them, breed enthusiasm and passion among their believers. They are deeply invested in the wellbeing of their followers and help them at every stage of their growth. 
The concept was initially introduced by James V. Downton and was built further by James Burn. Bernard M. Bass expanded this leadership style further to include ways of measuring the success of this leadership style.


Characteristics of Transformational Leadership:

Following are the qualities typical of a transformational leader at workplace:

  • Motivates their employees and encourage positive development
  • Develops an ethical workplace with clarity on values and priorities. 
  • Encourages everyone to work for the common good and not think of their personal gains alone.
  • Is empathetic, authentic, and open to criticism. 
  • Mentors their employees and helps them give them the confidence to make decisions on their own.
  • Focuses on building trusting, long-term relationships with their employees, which can span even after they leave the organization.