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Definition of Wrongful Termination:

Whenever an employee is terminated from their job for reasons other than their job performance and it breaches the employment contract, it is considered as wrongful termination. 

In case of at-will employment, where the employer or the employee can terminate the relationship without a reason, it is an exception as long as the dismissal does not breach the company policy or laws. 

What are some reasons for Wrongful Termination protected by law?

Law protects employee Termination due to the following cases: 

Handling wrongful Termination:

As a terminated employee, it is important to know your rights mentioned in the employment contract along with the federal laws that protect you. Review your contract once again and see if there have been any violations regarding wages, work hours, commissions etc. Talk to the HR department to know if you are entitled to receiving unemployment and other benefits and look for answers to your questions. Once you are certain that you have been wrongfully terminated, you need to