Smart tools are transforming how businesses recruit

One right tool can fast forward your business progress by months, especially on the hiring front. Remote working and technology are fast-changing the way that most businesses work and recruit. Even in challenging circumstances, great recruiters know how to recruit talented people – they just need the right tools to enable them. In this article, we look at how Freshteam, the smart HR software by Freshworks is transforming businesses around the world through three real customer stories.

Case study: A reputed IT solutions firm based out of Canada

Challenge faced:
Manual & inefficient recruiting process with excessive paperwork

Their process involved a lot of paperwork which hindered the team’s productivity. Candidate resumes, references, interview questions, interviewer notes, and almost everything was on  separate documents  – just extensive paperwork!

The Freshteam solution: A killer ATS! The transformation has been phenomenal. Now they are able to keep track of all their job postings and candidates, schedule interviews, follow which stages of the interview the candidates are in, manageoffers or decline candidates, all within one platform. Since they also recruit in other parts of the world, the reporting options give them a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in their global recruiting pipelines.

“There’s no better feeling than your organization having the information – you don’t have to dig for it, it’s organized, it’s there, it’s easy to search, easy to access. Even if I am not in front of my computer, I can go and have a real vacation because I have the Freshteam mobile App which enables me to access different things at all times.” – Krista, head of talent acquisition and human resources, Jolera

Case study : A widespread ecommerce logistics firm, HQ in Hong Kong

Challenge faced:
Virtually hiring and onboarding employees, especially during the pandemic

The firm had to manage hiring and onboarding requirements in multiple countries across the globe in different time zones with different employee ordinances and local legislations. It was difficult and exhausting.

The Freshteam solution: Paperless onboarding – The virtual onboarding kit reduces repetitive work for the HR and ensures the new hires have everything they need on or even before day one – forms, documents, policies, handbook. Plus, the digital signatures make the process a piece of cake for both the candidates and the HR.

“Because of Freshteam, now we spend 30% less time on onboarding and with the onboarding kit, I am able to skip at least 10 questions that candidates used to usually ask before we used Freshteam.” – Komal, Global HR Head, Easyship

Case study : A reputed logistics startup in India

Challenge faced:
Sourcing great candidates when the business is scaling

Recruiters had to juggle multiple platforms and constantly keep a tab on incoming applications. They felt the process was time consuming and tiring, and sometimes made the task impossible.

The Freshteam solution: Investing in an ATS like Freshteam empowered them to post to multiple job boards from a single interface. Even edits are synced across all platforms. When candidates applied, they automatically flowed into the software as candidates’ profiles that could be picked up and assessed. Recruiters no longer had to log in and out of multiple platforms to manage job posts. Instead, they took over the entire process through a single interface.

“When a company is growing, one of the most important challenges it faces is finding the right people and finding them fast. If you are looking to hire a lot of people really fast and want to keep a lean HR team without throwing a lot of resources at the problem a tool like Fresteam can help really well.” – Sheker Bhende, Co-founder, Lynk

The right tool will redefine the way you hire and who you hire. It will enable your recruiting team to hit their maximum potentials and productivity levels, while clearing the way for progress and innovation on the people front.

Freshteam is changing the recruiting game for 3000+ businesses around the world. If you are interested in trying Freshteam sign up here. To know more, head to the Freshteam website.





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