Three must-have conversations to retain and develop your employees

Leaders, do you have what you need to invest in your people with the same focus and fervor you want them to give your company?

Russ Laraway, Chief People Officer at Qualtrics and an advocate of the service leadership concept, believes that when people under you are growing and developing, there are better chances of them staying with you long term.
It is a win-win strategy because when you are investing in your employees’ growth, they develop a sense of loyalty towards the company. You provide your employees a safe haven where they can work towards their dream, while staying in their current job. As a company, you get your best employees staying by your side, helping you grow. To see this in action, here are the three conversations you must have with all your employees

1. Begin to know your employees deeply
2. Help them articulate their long term vision
3. Create a career action plan for them.

To learn further about the mistakes managers make while having career conversations and the steps to create a workable career action plan for your employees, visit the blog by First Round Review.

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