Types of Candidates you’ll see at an interview- with a touch of magic

As recruiters, you probably have these buckets in your head where you just end up placing candidates when you interview. It’s this skill to analyse and figure out candidates that makes you so good at your job. And we thought it would be fun to spruce up those buckets (or should I say cauldrons) with a touch of magic for you.

So, have you seen this candidate in your interview room?

  1. The know it all: Hermione

    This candidate probably knows your company website and information inside out, and dare we say, maybe even more than you. They are more prepared to answer your questions than you are to ask them. They probably have a painfully long and extremely detailed list with every milestone and goal they wish to achieve when they join. Who are we kidding? Everybody, even they, know you’re going to hire them.

  2. The Name-Dropping-Pro-Nepotism-Rich Kid : Draco Malfoy

    Off to a great start, from the polished speech and great confidence level this candidate seems to have it all together for this interview. It’s what follows that gets the interviewer’s eyes rolling. From getting into practiced monologues of their “crazy and coincidental” relationship with your CEO or Founder to talking about their laborious (read: luxurious) struggles to get here. But you might want to tread lightly, you never know who’s going to hear about how this interview went down.

  3. The nervous one: Ronald Weasley

    Now now, no need to feel sorry for this one because they may just surprise you. Sure the absolutely petrified (see what I did there?) look on their face does not help with the first impressions, but there is something about them that you can admire. Maybe the eagerness to do something with their lives or even the determination to be better. You just know that deep inside is a success story waiting to be written.

  4. Winged it and nailed it: Harry Potter

    This candidate probably doesn’t even know their true potential and decided to just “give it a shot”. Trust me when I say they are just as surprised as you, if not more, looking at how well they are fairing. These are the guys to look out for because given the right kind of motivation in the right direction (‘Not Slytherin’), you could totally make a hero out of them.

  5. Shy with weird hobbies but surprising potential: Luna Lovegood

    Totally redefining the reason why the ‘hobbies’ section was added to resume, get ready to find the wildest hobbies to be listed from ‘horse hair braiding’ to ‘tree shaping’. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself faced with a quirky yet extremely capable potential employee, they are rare to come by. Soon you’ll probably be deeply engrossed and definitely curious about the colour of your energies, but that’s a conversation for after they are hired.

  6. The unlucky one: Neville Longbottom

    Spending the first 10 minutes of the interview time trying to explain the odd stain on their shirt and why they happen to be late, this candidate will definitely make you feel sorry for him. From misunderstanding what you said to maybe even knocking over the glass of water on to your lap, this candidate is full of surprises. But you never know when the odds will be in their favour, so be sure to keep a careful lookout.

  7. The trainwreck: Seamus Finnegan

    Starts with a bang, and ends with a bang. This candidate pretty much blew up all his chances the minute this interview began. From completely misunderstanding your question to getting straight into pretty TMI subjects about their life and everything else. It’s quite baffling that someone is capable of messing up so very badly and so often, all in one interview. They’re probably wondering the same too.

  8. Poster candidate: Cedric Diggory

    You’re probably wishing you looked half as good as an interviewer as this one looks as a candidate. With the perfect balance of humility, charm, sense of humour, technical skill, business understanding and…. I’m getting carried away. Sorry, but you get the gist. This candidate got the heads turning from the minute they walked in.

  9. The jokers: Fred and George Weasley

    A riot from the moment they enter. This candidate has the best presence and hilarious wit that can sweep you away into fits of laughter completely distracting you from the question you were about to ask next. That may have well just been their plan too. This candidate although hilarious definitely brings into question whether they really have what it takes to take on a serious job role, but the odds that they applied for something they can’t handle is not likely.

    P.S. Make sure to check the back of your shirt, the notes stuck at the back of your shirt prank never goes out of style.

    P.P.S. If their “twin” walks in soon after, you can bet all your money that they switched names and resumes for the lols.

  10. The never ending brag: Professor Gilderoy Lockhart

    Walking in with a 10 page long resume, perfectly bound and easily mistaken for a magazine given that their face is the entire front page. You have to give it to them, their achievements and accomplishments are pretty amazing but sure you’ll be better off without hearing it every 5 minutes. These candidates probably didn’t even spare their fellow applicants in the waiting room, and I’m sure even the receptionist will have a thing or two to say about them too.

If you have ever seen these candidates in your interviews, let us know how it went. And if you think we missed anyone from this list, make sure to drop a comment below.