What does an ATS do?

ATS or Applicant Tracking System is a tool catering to all stages of the entire hiring process. The best ATS tools should enable you to automate much of your recruiting workload so you spend less time in mundane routine tasks such as follow-up emails and calls, and spend more time on building your hiring strategy.


What is the best ATS in the UK?

While several ATS software are available in the market, the best ATS needs to have some unique features to suit businesses in the UK, especially for startups and small businesses. A smart ATS like Freshteam reduces as much as 75% of your recruiter workload and speeds up your hiring process too.


Why do UK businesses review Freshteam as the best ATS for UK users?

Here are some reviews of Freshteam from businesses in the UK, sourced from trusted review sites like Capterra and G2.

Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 6 Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 6

So quick and easy to deploy to the team, even the less technically minded team members were at ease from the start. No longer searching through emails or job boards, everything is in one easy place. Freshteam - a breath of fresh air.

Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 7 Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 7

Freshteam has cut down the time posting jobs and sifting through applicants by 3 times. Now, I actually look forward to going through our applicants. The job posting features, tracking and moving applicants are simple and easy to use.

Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 8 Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 8

Recommend Freshteam to any company who is planning on scaling. It is really easy to track, and to collaborate with colleagues on this. A really user-friendly way of tracking candidates - very easy for candidate experience.

Freshteam - More than just an ATS for UK startups and small businesses

In addition to the ATS, Freshteam also comes with highly useful HR process automation tools for onboarding, time off management, employee database management, and HR reporting at no additional cost. This makes Freshteam not just the best ATS for startups and small businesses in the UK but also the best tool for managing other HR workflows of a growing business.

Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 8 Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 8

The time off and employee profile features allow quick access to vital information. Massively reduces workload and time delays for HR.

Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 6 Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 6

Freshteam made tracking our employees holiday a breeze. It was the only solution I could find to fit my needs at the price range.

Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 7 Freshteam - Best ATS in UK Review - 7

Freshteam is easy for employees to use and keep details updated, view contracts and benefits information rather than coming through HR.

8 Indispensable Features of an ATS for a UK Based Business

While a good ATS needs to possess these essential features, there are specific features to look out for while selecting an ATS if you are a startup or a small business based in the UK.


1. Integration with UK-specific Job Boards:

Job boards integration is a must for any ATS since it eliminates wasting precious time that is spent on manually juggling multiple job boards. Check if the ATS is integrated with most of the top job boards in the UK.

Freshteam ATS integrates with all major UK job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, Glassdoor, Adzuna, CV-Library, Monster and many more. Freshteam’s one-click job posting feature comes in handy and is raved about by recruiting teams in multiple reviews.


2. In-built Job Descriptions:

While job descriptions don’t fall under much of a legal requirement for most non-UK businesses, UK businesses are bound by the employment law which outlines rights for employees who have an employment contract. This includes their right to have written terms spelling out their job rights and responsibilities, as a minimum.

In-build job descriptions in ATS like Freshteam make it much simpler to build on existing templates and customise them to suit changing policies and regulations in the UK. This gives candidates a good idea of what they are signing up for even before they are hired and the employment contract is drawn.


3. Employer Branding and Career Sites Catering to UK:

While career sites need not be UK-specific, your employer brand could be. An easily customisable career site makes a great first impression on your candidates since it helps you tailor-make your site to appeal to employees in the UK. 

Freshteam ATS comes with a free career site feature with no coding knowledge required for the base feature to go live on your website. It also offers plenty of customisation options to showcase your work culture and employer brand and attract top quality candidates to your job openings.


4. Candidate Sourcing and Screening:

One of the primary benefits of an ATS is the ability to track candidates from multiple sources in a single platform. For businesses across the UK, the ATS must also be capable of sourcing candidates based on certain preset criteria that enables them to work legally in the UK.

This can be accomplished through Freshteam ATS features like customisable application forms by asking for certain check fields. Job descriptions and job postings can also be customised to clearly list the criteria for being considered eligible for the job opening.

The resume parsing feature in the Freshteam ATS also combs through the resumes of candidates to highlight the important criteria to send a candidate through to the next stage. This reduces the manual screening effort immensely and increases the number of resumes screened by at least 40%.


5. Automated Candidate Screening for UK Work Eligibility:

Legal requirements for work across the UK, mean that individuals need to either be citizens of UK or satisfy the needed criteria and obtain a work visa or permit, to be considered eligible for a job.

While candidate sourcing and screening can have checks in place to identify these, the process of advancing or rejecting candidates based on these criteria also takes up a huge amount of time. Automated screening in an ATS hence becomes a must since it completely eliminates the need for manual intervention for firmly set criteria like these.

Criteria-based screening or condition-based screening automation in Freshteam takes just 10 minutes to set up one time and ends up saving at least 25 hours a week. For example, if you set up an automation to screen for candidates with a valid work permit, it will check the value in the work permit field of the candidate profile or application form. If the value is yes, it advances the candidate to the next stage automatically and rejects the candidate if the criteria is not met.

This simple automation feature speeds up the screening process by at least 10X times for UK businesses.


6. Candidate Database Management and Compliance with UK GDPR:

Part of building a robust candidate pipeline is also storing good candidate profiles for later roles in a talent pool. This becomes tricky with the EU and UK GDPR rule and data protection act. So it is crucial that the ATS complies with all these requirements.

ATS like Freshteam ensure absolute compliance to the right to be forgotten, right to notice, right to access, right to portability, right to rectification, and right to opt out of data profiling and such. These rights are taken care of to the last detail so your organisation need not worry about ATS compliance with GDPR.


7. Remote Interview Scheduling and Management:

The UK is a lucrative place to work, and professionals from all over the globe and across the UK seek job opportunities in the corporate sector of the country.

An ATS with an ideal fit should have the capability to schedule and conduct interviews across time zones and geographies which Freshteam excels at. It integrates with all the best video interview tools like Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams and also provides the best collaboration features for any ATS in the UK through interview scorecards and candidate self-scheduling that take off a ton of work from the recruiter’s plate.


8. Offer and Document Management for UK Job Offers:

So you have your shortlisted candidate. The end? Definitely not. There is quite a lot of work to be done since employment contracts in the UK need to be drawn up well and stocked with information on job details, work hours, holiday entitlements, NDAs and so on. Your ATS should hence not stop with shortlisting candidates but help you with pre-boarding the candidates through offer management.

The Freshteam ATS goes the extra mile and helps you get a move on offer management and even remote onboarding even before day 1 by rolling out customised offer letters, managing approvals and getting e-signatures. Collect all the necessary documentation even before your new hire joins in your organisation through onboarding checklists and store all employee records on the Freshteam app itself, while complying with GDPR.


The best part about getting an ATS like Freshteam is that it has a ‘Free Forever’ plan with no strings attached and helps you upgrade your plan along with the growing needs of your startup or small business. You can also get a completely free 21-day trial for all plans.

Frequently Asked Questions about ATS in UK:

Do UK companies use ATS?

Many UK companies use an ATS. More than 60-70% of large organisations use an ATS and while the smaller companies using an ATS are less than those numbers, the adoption rate even among startups and small businesses is steadily increasing especially with an increase in remote and hybrid work.

How much does an ATS cost in the UK?

An ATS in the UK used to cost 1000s of pounds per year, with some companies spending £10,000 to £40,000 per year for age-old ATS systems. However, new-age ATS like Freshteam are better affordable with paid plans that cost only about £0.95/employee/month. Read more about pricing plans and costing of ATS here.

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How does an ATS work?

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