Use Cases Automate workflows
Automate tasks

Automate common workflows and get Autopilot to do all the housekeeping tasks for you.

Keep everyone in sync

All the stakeholders get notified the minute there’s an update to give

One stop info shop

Everything you need to know about your hiring process in one place.

Automate common workflows

Set up automations in Autopilot to move fast and do routine tasks so that you can focus on the important stuff: recruiting awesome people. Anyone rejects a candidate because they think they’re a little too qualified for the job? You can set up Freshteam to automatically archive them to the talent pool for you so you can look them up in the future for relevant openings. Want to set up a screening filter so that candidates who don’t meet your deal-breaker requirements aren’t in the shortlist? You can have Freshteam do that too.

Screening process

Set up a screening process to shortlist candidates.

Send notifications

Keep candidates updated through the hiring process.

Update your HRMS

When a candidate is hired, trigger a webhook to notify your HRMS of the candidate's details

Manage all your work inside Freshteam

Finding what you need, when you need it is an essential ingredient of smart work. Sync your email, manage your to-dos, and get work done, using Freshteam. All of your hiring information can rest in one easy-to-use, powerfully searchable applicant management system.

Perform bulk actions

Work on multiple candidates at once, using bulk actions.

Powerful filters and tags

Use filters and tags to easily pull up a candidate list to work on.

Search on fleek

Resume parsing makes sure that even the contents of candidate resumes get searched!

Keep everyone in sync

Send updates out automagically so that all the stakeholders involved in the process are always up to date. A candidate applies? The hiring manager and recruiter will get an email notification. An interview is scheduled? The interviewer, candidate and recruiter will be notified. Events span the entire hiring cycl

Send email notifications

Use email notifications to keep everyone in the loop.

Access for all

Complete visibility for everyone involved in the hiring process.

Set up a screening process to shortlist candidates

Work smart and use your applicant tracking system’s custom application forms to filter candidate applications. Have a deal breaker requirement like a visa or a must-know software? Include that in your application form as a question and have Autopilot automatically reject (or move to talent pool) candidates who answer it in negative.

Ultius is able to review 40% more resumes