Company culture is probably the most used catchphrase but perhaps, not understood as well. For founders and early team members in a startup, nailing the product-market fit right and achieving traction are on top of their priority lists. Where does company culture fit among all these?

In this webinar, we covered important points, including:

  • How do you define company culture?
  • How does having a culture code help a startup?
  • How can you maintain culture while scaling?

Satej Sirur, founder & CEO of Rocketium, spoke about how they have been able to build a strong and thriving culture in their startup, real stories about how it has benefited them including its influence on the startup's hiring process.



Meet the speaker:

Satej Sirur is the founder and CEO of Rocketium. His 18 years in the industry have been across diverse roles (engineering, product, business), companies of varying sizes (AWS, Microsoft, TaxiForSure), and geographies (India, USA). Satej is passionate about technology, startups, and the positive impact they can create.


About Rocketium:

At Rocketium, Satej and team are building a growth-focused design platform used by customers like Amazon, bigbasket,, and many other unicorns. Over 300 million users interact with banners and videos created, published, and analyzed on Rocketium. The startup was founded in 2015 and has raised a total of $5.2 million. It is backed by Emergent Ventures, 1Crowd, Blume Ventures and a few angel investors.

Rocketium Founder talks about importance of company culture Rocketium Founder talks about importance of company culture

What will you take away?

How to Define Company Culture

When to Focus on Culture

How to build Culture

Culture “checks”

Cross-section of hiring & culture

Culture-Building Benefits

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