Meet the Speakers

Puneet Manuja is the Co-founder & CEO at YourDOST. He  was felicitated with Forbes 30 Under 30 India. He is on a mission of spreading happiness, one smile at a time. YourDOST is one of India’s largest emotional wellness platforms which provides access to experts and self-help tools. Founded by Puneet Manuja and Richa Singh in 2014, YourDost is a pre-Series-A-funded company and has received a total funding of $1.2 million from investors including SAIF Partners.

Arun Bagaria is the Co-Founder and CEO of TravClan. After working at startups like Travel Triangle & Cars24, he is now on a journey to change the way travel companies across the world do business with each other. Trusted by 15,000+ travel agents, TravClan is one of the fastest-growing B2B travel platforms that empowers travel agents and new-age travel entrepreneurs to generate more business online. The startup is a Pre-Series-A-funded company and has raised a total of $6.9 million from investors including Leo Capital, The Ventures and Hashed.


How to form the first team in your startup How to form the first team in your startup

Key Takeaways

Assessing hiring requirements

Identifying potential hires’ personas

Attracting A-quality candidates

Selling startup’s vision

Deciding salary structures

Getting team to work as one unit

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