What is a job board?

A job board is similar to a virtual notice board through which recruiters tell their prospective candidates about the open positions they can apply for. It’s a website full of advertisements to open positions - candidates can filter, search and apply to the jobs that appeal to them. Some examples are Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn!

What is a job board? - Freshteam What is a job board? - Freshteam

Benefits of using a job board for candidate sourcing

Access huge pools of talent

The first step to finding great candidates is being able to tell them about an open opportunity in your organization. Job boards empower recruiters to do just that - they can showcase open positions for thousands of job seekers, in minutes. And sit back as applications flow in!

Get your story heard - Branding!

Some job boards like Glassdoor give you the opportunity to tell candidates your stories! It could be about your mission, your people or culture, growth opportunities you offer, or just about anything that helps you tell your applicants why and who should apply for jobs with your company.

Find niche talent 

Not everyone goes to every party! However, going to the right one, can help you meet the right people. There are niche job boards that help you find the right people, quickly. For example, AngelList is great for finding talent interested in startups, StackOverflow for tech jobs, and so on.

Hack to post to multiple job boards at once

To find the best talent, you’ll most often need to spread your nets across many job boards. That’s not going to be easy if you don’t do it the right way. Imagine having to switch between nine job boards to just keep a tab on what’s happening. What happens if you want to add another skill to the JD you posted, go back and manually edit it across each job board? And then there’s managing candidates - keeping track of the conversation, responding on time, all this, while being amazing at building a rapport with candidates across nine planets, okay not planets, just job boards.

The easiest way to post to multiple job boards with the least effort and time is through Freshteam. Don’t believe me, Check out the screenshot on the right!

Post to multiple job boards in one click through Freshteam Post to multiple job boards in one click through Freshteam

The Hootsuite to job boards

Think of Freshteam as a Hootsuite to job boards. Hootsuite allows you to post to multiple social channels through one interface, right? Similarly, Freshteam enables recruiters to post to multiple major job sites or job boards in just a click.

There’s more.

  • All applications, from every job board, will automatically fall into Freshteam as candidate profiles that you can share, discuss and evaluate. 

  • Job boards like LinkedIn are free for Freshteam partners, but not otherwise.

  • When you edit a job post on Freshteam, it replicates the edits on every other synced job board.

  • You can optimize your hiring spend based on the reports and insights Freshteam pulls for you - reports on cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, cost-by-source, and more.

  • To top it all, Freshteam helps you manage the entire hiring process from the time an application falls into the system until when a hire is made or even onboarded, on one system - that includes interview scheduling, team collaboration, offers management, and everything in between.

  • And you don’t work in a silo, your entire team can now rumble on one perfect software.

Post to multiple job boards through Freshteam Post to multiple job boards through Freshteam

Other benefits of posting to job boards with Freshteam 

More sourcing options

Besides job boards, publish jobs to social media channels, set up your own career site in minutes, run referral drives and do so much more on Freshteam.

Save candidates for later

You may not hire every great candidate you spot but Freshteam lets you save them in a talent pool, nurture them and then bring them back when the time is right.

Automate hiring chores

Emails, follow-ups, and screening are all valuable parts of a hiring process. But so is your time! Let’s get the autopilot to do it for you, and you can focus on the things that really matter.

Integrate your favorite apps

Digital signatures? Video interviews? Pre-assessment tests? Calendars? Freshteam integrates with a variety of them. Everything will fall into place like they were built for each other.

Get things done, anytime, anywhere

The Freshteam mobile app sits on your phone like your favorite assistant - dashboards all the quick updates and gives you the option to quickly act on things pending on you.

Super friendly UI and Support

A UI that makes you feel like you don’t need any support, and a team of support champs who will leave you feeling that they are even better than such a UI. 

They love us. You will too