7 reasons why HR reports are Essential to Ace Recruiting

Recruiters work hard to find the right talent for their organization. When recruiters do their job well, the organization benefits from it the most as the right talent determines the growth and success of the company. For a job so crucial, it is imperative that the right information is available in time to make the right decisions. Accurate insights into how recruitment is working for your organization can help improve the process almost tenfold. So how do you get this information? HR Reports. 

HR Reports showcase how your HR activities have been performing in the real world. This information includes certain parameters like number of job openings, number of candidates in each stage, time-taken to fill an opening, interview trends, etc. 

As a recruiter, measuring these distinct indicators gives you an idea of how your recruitment processes are performing and how that performance is affecting your organization’s growth and scaling. 

Not only do they help you get a holistic picture of your recruitment process, but they also vastly help you improve your strategies. 

While adapting to a rigorous reporting and analytics process might seem daunting at first, there are immense benefits that come with it. This article lists 7 ways in which HR reports strengthen your recruitment game and pave the path for establishing yourself as an ace recruiter.

1. Easy identification of weak spots

One of the foremost ways reports help is by helping you easily spot the areas of improvement in each parameter. Be it the time taken to advance a candidate to the next stage or reject a candidate, reports provide data to easily identify what is working, what is making the process slower or less efficient.

2. A Bullseye approach to finding solutions

Once you know what’s wrong, you can get to the core of the problem and come up with the best solution possible. You save time spent in coming up with randomized solutions that cater to general problems and instead get more focused and specific in your actions. 

3. Nipping problems in the bud

Another important way reports help is by aiding you in diagnosing a problem early and cutting it down at its root or starting point. Every problem or error will be identified eventually, but there is an enormous cost behind every error, and finding them early can save you tons. 

4. Effective tracking of candidate experience

As a recruiter, your job is to not only hire the right people for your organization but also make sure your candidates have a pleasant recruitment experience to give a better image of your company among potential talent. With reports, you can easily identify spots that cause candidate frustration, (like long response time by a panel member, long wait time in each stage, etc.) and shortlist places of improvement. 

5. Better hiring strategies 

Recruitment reports have increased hiring rates by 12% for leading companies as it helped them find the right source to find candidates, the right number of interviews to conduct, and other such lead indicators helping them craft a winning hiring strategy. 

6. Forecast requirements 

Any requirement, be it an imminent job opening or a quick internal job posting, can be forecasted better with data trends HR reports give access to. HR reports help you predict such requirements beforehand and allow the luxury of time to prepare for future challenges as an organization. 

7. Accuracy of data

Reports make you say goodbye to inaccurate, assumptive information that leads to inaccurate results. It gives you an accurate and honest view of the performance of your recruitment strategies, thus helping you take timely and necessary action. 

As much as we know that keeping reports of recruitment processes is important, we should also acknowledge that maintaining these reports manually by inputting accurate data is cumbersome and bound to errors leading to ineffective reporting.

The best way to maintain HR Reports as a recruiter to truly benefit from it would be to choose an efficient HR Reporting Software or better yet you can go for an ATS that comes with Reports and Analytics. 

Fundamental things you should look out for in your reporting software

Curated Reports

Inbuilt reports aka Curated reports have multiple parameters that encompass all possible scenarios. These curated reports automatically fetch data from your recruitment modules and create the reports for you. All you have to do is click and view them. 

Customizable Reports and Widgets

You should be able to easily clone the curated reports and customize them however you want with several unique widgets to create reports of your own with ease. 

Reports Scheduling 

Choose software that lets you schedule and send reports to any email ID on a recurring basis to update stakeholders on the status of the monitored project or assignment. 


You don’t have to make the details of your company’s recruitment process known to everyone using the recruitment software. Keep your reports secure and accessible only to the eyes of the approved stakeholders by restricting and enabling access to specific people.

All you have to do now is find that perfect solution or ATS that comes with all the above reporting features. Sounds impossible? Worry not, we have just the right solution for you – The Freshteam ATS. 

Apart from being a killer ATS software that comes loaded with features like Interview Scheduling, Talent Pool, Job Board Integrations, Offer Management, and a Customizable Career site, it also has reporting capabilities that give you curated reports, along with the ability to customize, schedule, and secure your reports as well. 

Know more about Freshteam ATS and Reporting to make an informed decision, or better yet, try it yourself for free for 21-days to see how it best fits your requirements. 

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