Freshdesk Messaging - the ideal Olark alternative

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Still banking on live chat software that claims to make your business more human? Move to Freshdesk Messaging now.

Bid adieu to live-chat software. Get Freshdesk Messaging - the all-new modern messaging app built to address all your sales, marketing and support needs on your website.

Conversation Management

Give the experience of continuous, context-driven modern messaging to all your users and website visitors with Freshdesk Messaging.

Unlimited conversation history
Unlimited conversations
Unlimited contact list
Priority Inbox
Custom Views
Team Widget

Web Messenger

End chat is not a concept anymore. Olark’s end chat is a put-off. That’s why we built a software that follows the modern messenger approach, gifting you with conversations that are endless and organized into topic-based threads. No more lost conversations, no more time-outs!

Modern Web Messenger
Customizable chat widget
Message Channels
Team Member Profiles
Integrated FAQ
Widget branding

Conversation routing

Olark still expects supervisors to manually assign conversations to team members. If they don’t, your team members will have to pick conversations, leading to cherry picking. With Freshdesk Messaging, bid adieu to manual assignment and forget what cherry-picking means. Auto-assign conversations based on team member’s load or expertise, based on keywords or preset conversation conditions and rules.

Conversation routing
Conversation routing based on skill levels
Conversation assignment based on keywords and rules

Conversational bot for automatic lead collection

With the Freshdesk Messaging bot, collecting lead information is now made easy and effortless. The bot transfers conversations to team members after collecting the lead information letting your team members focus on high impact conversations.

Lead collection bot
Customized bot workflow
Autoload bot conversations as leads into the CRM

Triggered Messages and In-app Campaigns

Use event triggers and Freshdesk Messaging’s deep targeting and segmenting capabilities to send precise contextual messages to every user at any stage of the buying cycle.

Triggered Messages
Event Attributes
Detailed User Properties

Productivity-driven Inbox

Timing a chat out is a thing of the past. With Freshdesk Messaging, your team members can be more productive with a multi-feature system, built for engaging more, and coming out with stunning outputs.

Canned Responses
Custom scripts for contextual information (SmartPlugs)
Desktop notifications
Bulk actions - resolve, reply and assign to groups
Business Hours
Private notes for collaboration
Powerful search bar
Search bar for conversations


With Freshdesk Messaging’s real-time dashboard, you can keep a tab on all your key performance metrics and trends to make data driven decisions. You can focus on improving user experience and also help your team perform better.

Real-time reporting
CSAT Ratings
Conversation Response Speeds
Incoming Conversation Trends
Compare Conversation Status Metrics


With an integrated, in-app FAQ model, browse and search experience inside the messenger, and native FAQs on mobile, team members can deflect common queries coming from visitors about specific topics and visitors can get answers to their questions without having to interact with a team member.

Integrated FAQ
FAQ feedback
Multilingual FAQs
Powerful FAQ search bar
Multimedia FAQs
Tags for FAQs
Topic-based FAQ folders


With a multitude of products that integrate with Freshdesk Messaging, you will never be lost. Get the best of all worlds and connect Freshdesk Messaging with your most-preferred apps today.

Facebook Messenger
ClearBot Reveal
Full Contact

Mobile Apps

Freshdesk Messaging’s iOS and Android apps ensure your team members never have to miss out on responding to conversations, even if they are away from their desk.

Chat widget for mobile browsers
iOS Team Member App
Android Team Member App
Push Notifications

Mobile App SDK

We’ve got the best SDK for mobile apps, and we really mean it! With in-app chat, a customizable knowledge base, real-time notifications, rich media and native FAQs, empower your app and support your customers no matter where they come from.

In-app chat support
Push notifications
Voice messaging
In-app campaigns
Native FAQs
Rich media
Integrated in-app FAQs

Celebrate growing leads and users without getting charged for them.

Limited visitor and user data Unlimited visitor and user data on any plan
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