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Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Understanding visitor behavior
  • Increasing job applications and candidate profiles on site
  • Heatmaps
  • Session Replay
  • A/B Testing

About Uitzendbureau

Hosting around 35000 vacancies, Uitzendbureau is the largest niche job board in the Netherlands providing ‘flexible work’ opportunities. It connects workers looking for temporary jobs with employment agencies and companies across the Netherlands. They aim to eliminate unemployment by leveraging technology and providing fulfilling jobs to employees.

We wanted to hear directly from our real users rather than the business heads heading the CRO function. So, we got Paul van Aalten, online marketer at Uitzendbureau, to talk about his experience with Freshmarketer for his company’s website optimization needs.

Why Freshmarketer

Prior to onboarding Freshmarketer, the team poured over various tips, tricks and hacks to optimize and improve their website. While these tips were useful, they didn’t have the time or the resources to implement every one of them on their site. They also realized that they were blindly following industry best practices without any hard data to back them.

A friend of Paul’s recommended Freshmarketer to their team, and they immediately gave Freshmarketer a spin on their website. They were sold when they discovered that their optimization efforts had a more significant impact since Freshmarketer used their site’s real-time user data.



Uitzendbureau had undergone a massive website redesign, and naturally, they were excited to discover their audience’s take on their site. They were anxious about their choice of forms, buttons and messaging and wanted them to resonate with their audience. They had three clear objectives that they wanted to accomplish with Freshmarketer:

  • Understand how job-seekers were using their website.
  • Increase the number of job applications posted by companies and agencies.
  • Increase the number of candidate profiles on their site.

Understanding visitor insights

To get started with their website optimization, Uitzendbureau had to gather more information about their visitors’ behavior - what they were viewing, what elements were they clicking, why did they leave the page, etc. Freshmarketer gave them clear answers backed by real-time data with its extensive feature-set.

Since their website had undergone a massive redesign, Freshmarketer’s heatmaps and clickmaps helped them recognize the effectiveness of their site elements and its audience’s reception towards it.


uitzendbureau heatmaps


With anonymized session replays, they identified conversion roadblocks and eliminated them. This was no easy feat considering the fact that their website has around 481K visitors per month. But with advanced session filters, they handled this like a boss.😎

Freshmarketer’s funnel analytics feature helped them gain even better insights about their visitors’ journey on their site. The team had set up multiple funnels to identify visitor drop-offs and track conversions. Based on this data, the team went on to experiment and test their web pages, to increase their conversions.

The below funnel depicts visitors’ journey from their homepage to completed on-site applications.


uitzendbureau funnel


Increasing job applications and candidate profiles

With one of their primary objectives achieved, Paul’s team set out to smash their business goals with Freshmarketer’s A/B testing, and Polls and Feedback feature.

A/B Testing: The team left no stone unturned when it came to A/B testing. It played a crucial role in their decision making of optimizing their site, and they never ran out of ideas to test. They have run a whopping 69 experiments so far, to refine their website and incorporate the results into their strategy.

Here’s an example from one of their A/B tests, where they experimented with their messaging to get more people to submit resumes on their job portal.



uitzendbureau variation



uitzendbureau original

Polls and Feedback: With Freshmarketer’s Polls and Feedback feature, Paul’s team decided to strike the iron while it was hot. They started engaging with their website visitors directly to qualify their incoming traffic, get to know their visitors better and craft landing pages/web pages based on their interests.

““With the help of Freshmarketer we’ve improved our application forms, copy, buttons, and images. We are happy to see an increase in job applications and new candidate profiles.””

Paul van Alten

Online Marketer, Uitzendbureau