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Freshdesk Launches Mobile App for Android

Helps Agents Support Customers from Anywhere

Walnut, California December 22, 2013

Freshdesk, the fastest growing customer support software in the market today, launched a new Android mobile app to help support agents world over deliver faster resolutions and create happier customers.

Across the world, people like bringing their own devices to work, with 81% of employees often using their personal smart phones to accomplish work-related tasks when they’re away from their office. And with customers becoming ever more impatient - over 42% expecting one-hour response times to their problems, support agents have no choice but to be on their toes round the clock.

The new Android app from Freshdesk lets agents stay on top of tickets from anywhere. Support reps can do anything from responding to tickets to executing scenarios - in effect, taking the entire support desk wherever they go. Shooting out answers to common support queries is also a breeze - canned responses and knowledge base solutions can be accessed instantly.

Increasingly, companies are hiring support agents across the globe to support customers in different time zones. Remote work is the continuing "in-thing" - a Stanford study indicates that working from home results in improved performance worth $375 a year per employee, and annual savings of $2000 per employee. With the new Freshdesk app, support agents can swipe to solve issues from just about anywhere they are, ensuring faster resolutions and happier customers.

"The modern customer demands awesome service across channels, instantaneously. For businesses to be able to consistently deliver exceptional support experiences, they need to break their support teams out of traditional barriers of time and space," said Vikram Bhaskaran, Director of Marketing and Freshdesk. "With the new Android app, we believe support teams will be able to resolve queries much quicker, creating happier and satisfied customers who will stay with their brands for longer."

Last year, Freshdesk released MobiHelp, an SDK for iOS developers who wanted to provide in-app support options for their applications. With the new Android app, Freshdesk is aiming at providing a full-fledged customer support solution for 14,000 support teams that works even when they’re on the road.

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