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Freshdesk Launches MobiHelp, the Free in-app Help Desk Plugin That Enables iOS Developers to Engage with Users Right From their Apps

Virtual help desk leader introduces in-app SDK for developers to support customers, share how-tos, and get feedback right from their apps.

November 09, 2012

Today Freshdesk, the fastest growing cloud-based customer support platform, announces the debut of MobiHelp, a free mobile SDK for iOS developers. MobiHelp is designed to solve the growing problem of poor customer support within mobile applications. With over 750,000 iOS apps for users to choose from, ease of use and the ability to give real-time feedback is often the difference between viral adoption and just deleting an app.

Disgruntled consumers go into the iTunes store and give apps bad reviews and low ratings, and complaints become guesswork for developers to fix issues. With MobiHelp, Freshdesk reengineered and streamlined its innovative and comprehensive help desk platform for use within iOS applications.

"Consumers don’t spend much time trying to figure out apps. If they don’t get it within the first few minutes, chances are they’re never coming back," says Zach Baker from Ultragalactic Corporation, a current Freshdesk customer. "With MobiHelp, we get to share solutions with our users, and they can talk to us directly from the app."

Knowing that tight budgets underlie many development ventures, the Freshdesk MobiHelp SDK is free. What’s more, since Freshdesk already offers a freemium pricing model where the first agent is free forever, app developers can download the MobiHelp SDK, integrate it into their apps, and get started supporting customers through Freshdesk without ever having to whip out their credit cards.

MobiHelp brings powerful support and CRM into every mobile application

With Freshdesk’s MobiHelp SDK, app developers can integrate their Freshdesk help desk into their apps with just a single line of code. Developers get to use all the powerful customer support capabilities in Freshdesk to automate workflows, identify critical issue areas and complete the conversation loop with their users.

Freshdesk converts each user feedback into support tickets where developers can mark status and manage their progress. Further, MobiHelp automatically pulls in the user’s app and device ID so that developers receive fine-grained details about the user’s environment.

Freshdesk’s MobiHelp constantly monitors for crashes and sends automatic crash reports directly to the developer. This is monumental for developers looking to tweak a problematic code before it drives away crucial users. These crash reports are aggregated along with the customer support tickets coming from within the application.

In addition to in-app support, developers can use Freshdesk to support users through traditional channels like email and their website, and even proactively engage them on social media.

MobiHelp makes support easy for the user

As powerful as MobiHelp is for developers, it’s also extremely user-friendly. Developers can add a simple link or customize a "help" button within their app, and users can access the knowledge base for FAQs, how-tos and recent updates with a single click, all without leaving the application.

For particularly difficult issues, users can even submit support tickets directly to customer service agents. Users can also supply feedback, share suggestions, and report issues to developers through the integrated chat box in MobiHelp. Plus, there’s no need to sign up or create a login with any other service.

"Smart devices and social media together have been able to connect people across the globe and break geographic barriers. Yet, users need to create new logins, use different tools and generally jump hoops just to give feedback to developers for apps they use everyday," says Freshdesk CEO, Girish Mathrubootham. "Freshdesk MobiHelp brings the critical piece of user engagement right inside the app, and bridges the gap between iOS developers and the users of their apps."

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