What is the difference between Freshdesk and Freshservice?

Using Freshdesk, you can assist your customers across email, phone, social, chat, and messaging channels to improve your CSAT scores and win customers for life.

On the other hand, Freshservice helps you streamline your internal IT service delivery process, improve your agent productivity, and elevates your employee engagement.

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a customer service software (CSS) that helps you track, manage, and resolve issues that your customers run into while using your product or service. 

What is Freshservice?

Freshservice is an internal IT helpdesk and service management platform that helps modern organizations simplify and automate their internal IT operations.

Freshdesk vs Freshservice Freshdesk vs Freshservice
Empower your support team to resolve customer issues faster. 

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Freshdesk vs Freshservice Freshdesk vs Freshservice
Modernize your service delivery and transform your business with IT.
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What do you get with Freshdesk?

Omnichannel support

Offer timely customer service on the channels of your customers' choice without switching between tools or tabs. With intelligent automations and SLAs, you can make sure that you never miss a customer conversation.

  • Assist customers on email, website, phone, chat, and social media from a single platform. 
  • Offer support on emerging channels such as Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and more. 
  • Automatically send feedback forms after every resolution to gauge customer satisfaction. 
Freshdesk omnichannel platform Freshdesk omnichannel platform

Customer timeline

Provide satisfactory customer resolutions by engaging in context-rich, and meaningful conversations by reducing the number of questions you ask your customers before resolving their issues. 

  • Get a clear picture of your customer's journey across your website, mobile, chat, and social media. 
  • Gather complete context about the customer from their previous interactions with your team.   
  • Access all the right information you need to offer faster resolutions such as unique ID, or order number.
Omnichannel timeline Omnichannel timeline

branded help center

Publish branded self-service portals for each of your product, brand, or service to help your customers find answers effortlessly.   

  • Completely customize your help centers without coding.
  • Deploy chatbots and website widgets and improve the self-service experience.
  • Create and list different community-forum categories in each help center.
Customized self-service portal Customized self-service portal

Cutting-edge applications

Offer faster resolutions by building robust integrations between Freshdesk and a range of apps that might be critical to your support workflows, including your marketing, CRM, order management, or billing systems.

  • Integrate with 650+ cutting edge applications from the Freshdesk Marketplace.
  • Boost your support strategy by plugging in solutions for team collaboration, video conferencing, and more.  
  • Use custom APIs to integrate with any third-party applications to match unique requirements.
Freshdesk integrations Freshdesk integrations

What do you get with Freshservice?


Standardize internal processes and streamline your service delivery with an ITIL-aligned setup featuring modules like incident, problem, change, and release management.

  • Track, prioritize, and assign user-raised tickets, and automate resolution processes.
  • Identify and isolate problems, link them to incidents, and perform root cause analyses.
  • Plan & rollback changes and enable stakeholders to evaluate and approve them quickly.
Freshservice - ITIL features Freshservice - ITIL features

Automated business workflows 

Set simple automation rules and leverage the built-in functionalities that will do away with redundant tasks and simplify your work further.

  • Auto-assign tickets and setup multi-level approvals to automate internal processes.
  • Escalate tickets automatically or notify SLA breaches by pre-defining automation.
  • Create your own rules to monitor pending responses and escalated overdue tickets.
Freshservice - workflow automation Freshservice - workflow automation

Service catalog

Provide your users with a hassle-free portal similar to shopping online, where they can easily find and request services—be it onboarding kits, software, or hardware assets.

  • Automate agent assignment for requests and create your own approval workflows.
  • Get a clear picture of what services are available/unavailable at any given time.
  • Customize the service catalog to suit your branding policies and elevate user experience.
Freshservice - service catalog Freshservice - service catalog

Asset management

Bid farewell to losing track of an asset or forgetting to renew a contract again. Take complete control of all your IT and non-IT assets, and save on unnecessary expenses. 

  • Keep track of all your contracts, hardware, software or other configuration items.
  • Automatically scan your network and identify all the assets in your organization.
  • Manage a record of all contracts and be notified about expiries and approvals.
Freshservice - asset management Freshservice - asset management

What do you get with Freshworks?

Fastest time to value

Freshworks offers an intuitive onboarding process that enables your team to get started in no time.

Intuitive and easy-to-use UI

The Freshworks suite of products boosts employee productivity with simple and clutter-free user-interfaces. 

Transparent pricing

Find the right plan for your team’s needs with zero hidden charges or under-the-belt add-ons.

Easy to scale

Freshworks enables your business to scale with powerful automations as well as bots for CS, ITMS, and generation.  

Robust reporting

Track your goals or KPIs and make better business decisions across the board with Freshworks Analytics.

State of the art security

Freshworks is ISO, SOC II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant, and follows the tenets of security by design to keep your data safe and secure.