We've taken steps to ensure business continuity

Health and Safety

For the time being, we have instituted work-from-home procedures and implemented travel restrictions for our employees. We are continuously monitoring the situation to ensure that the appropriate actions are taken as and when needed. 

Customer Success

We are working to ensure the same level of service and accessibility to Freshworks software. Our support teams are available and can be reached through phone, web, and chat. We have activated Business Continuity Plans to abide by SLAs to support our customers.

Operational Excellence

We have formed a cross-functional task force, led by our CIO, to monitor and address the situation as it evolves. Remote working facilities have been activated to aid social distancing and to maintain safe workplaces. We’re working to ensure continued product availability and reliability. 

Data Security

Protecting customer data is a top priority, especially in times like these. We have securely provisioned remote access using VPN to ensure that your confidential data is maintained carefully. Steps have been taken to ensure all the information is accessed through safe and secure channels.


Access our library of resources created to help you through this crisis

Adapt and Evolve your CX

Customer support is hard. Remote support is even harder. 

Educate yourself on a wide variety of topics related to 'business continuity' and keep your team engaged during the business slump.

Reimagine your Sales strategy

Sales is a challenging profession. And when the world stands still, it gets a lot more complicated.

'Business as usual' has taken a new meaning with remote sales, and businesses are being forced to re-think how they sell and operate.

Keep your sales teams motivated during these uncertain times.

Define and optimize your return-to-work journey

Returning to the new normal will need a new strategy to ensure employee readiness and workplace readiness.

Get to know the different criteria and methodologies your business can use to return to work.