Partners at Freshworks

For a rapidly growing partner program, it is imperative to lay the groundwork for smoother collaboration. Freshworks Partner Culture Code is a framework that fosters cohesion between our partners and us through shared values and beliefs that help us achieve aligned business goals.

While some codes are an extension of our daily Freshworks way of working,  here’s the official Freshworks partner culture code:

The Freshworks Partner Culture Code

What we believe in and what we stand for

Be a customer champion

We’re always working to deliver great experiences to our customers through innovation. As partners, you can leverage Freshworks knowledge and resources to develop meaningful connections with customers, understand their requirements and challenges, and do what’s right for the customer and the company.

Happy & transparent work environment

We make insightful, data-driven business decisions that play to our strengths. We work together to foster a collaborative, diverse ecosystem that is built on trust and respect. Our mission is to cultivate a happy, transparent business environment, which is an essential component of a successful, long-lasting business.

Have a growth mindset

We pursue ideas that help us achieve unmatched milestones. We find newer, better and quicker ways to work and invest in business decisions that maximize growth. By developing a growth mindset, our partners can leverage resources and the ecosystem to build stronger, deeper business relationships that set them on a path of unprecedented success.

Play as one team

Our partners are part of an extended Freshworks family. Together, we focus on generating opportunities by building genuine relationships with our partners, which includes close collaboration across functions. We welcome disagreements as they help us uncover our blind spots and learn from different perspectives.

Practice craftsmanship

We strive to be world-class in everything we do and hold our partners to the same standards. Our partners aim for higher standards and deliver a holistic approach across the customer lifecycle, which improves customer experience. Together we learn, grow, and improve as partners for life.