Why choose Freshworks + MSB Docs

The intergration for MSB Docs with Freshdesk allows users to optimize the entire document life cycle: from preparing to signing, enacting and managing. Agents can perform all document-related processes anywhere, anytime, from any device. With Freshdesk, users can easily integrate with the existing ERP systems to optimize document processing. Tickets can be generated quickly with smart invoices and faster SLA/approval requests. All in just a few clicks!

Key benefits of this integration include:

Agent Productivity

Manage and assign the right tickets to the right agents as it gets generated and reduce resolution times by quickly assigning and sending documents whenever a change request is made.

Automate Workflows

Agents can use smart templates and set up the right workflows that perform multiple actions such as sending out documents for signing, speeding up the onboarding process, and other document related functions.

Smart Invoice Signing

The integration makes it easy to authenticate a signer's ID through by setting up a single sign on (SSO) to process invoices in a quick and secure manner. This holds true for multiple identity verification mechanisms.

About Freshdesk and MSB Docs


Freshdesk facilitates seamless integration with MSB Docs. All documents can be signed, tracked and managed through MSB Docs, with the highest industry-regulated compliance and security standards. MSB's custom platform meets the unique needs of each user; performing secure signing along with other advantages like onboarding automation and shorter document turnaround.

With this integration, freshdesk agents can perform document validation and authentication control, signer identity verification, tamper-proof seal and an audit trail monitoring transparency at every step of the process.


How Freshworks and MSB Docs work together

Freshworks and MSB Docs have joined hands together to create a partnership which prioritizes workflow automation, document collaboration, eSignatures and document validation. By working closely with MSB Docs, Freshdesk can help enterprises improve various business processes. This partnership encourages innovation and ease of doing business in a digital space while maintaining the digital sanctity of transactions.


MSB's smart document solution is of great benefit to heavily regulated and document-ridden industries like pharma, e-commerce, IT, HR and logistics. With capabilities like executing complex workflows, document collaboration/validation and legally binding evidence made available within Freshdesk, this integration can optimize your document management practices in a secure manner. The user can audit the changes, get notified of each action taken and manage the documents in a secure cloud storage. Not only does this lower costs, but also contributes to ROI and business growth.

Geographies served

The integration between Freshdesk by Freshworks and MSB Docs is currently available globally.