Issue 10  | April - 2021

 Our Fastest Quarter Ever! 💨

Can you believe Q1 is already behind us? Looking back, our product team delivered significant new updates and features, and our sales teams converted this into some incredible wins. 

We rolled out monthly billing plans for Freshworks CRM. Brought our Marketing Cloud closer to parity against leading competitive apps with the release of Landing Pages. We're also excited to launch the CX Sales readiness training where you can learn more in-depth about Freshworks CX solutions. We've designed these courses to retain what you learn and get more confident about how Freshdesk works and how our customers use it. Reach out to your Channel Manager for more information.

Hope you've had a good end to your quarter. Here are some exciting updates to kick-off Q2.

Here's our April update! 

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The BIG fight!🥊

Explore our new and exciting Freshworks CRM campaign creating waves across the world with unique perspectives and quirky messaging

End the War Between Sales and Marketing — For Good | Sales and Marketing Alignment: Strategy and Best Practices to Resolve FrictionSales CRM with Marketing: What it is & Why You Need it

What’s Fresh? 🌻


Omnichannel - Freshdesk

Collaborator role in Freshdesk

With Freshdesk’s upcoming Collaborators, agents can invite the right experts into Freshdesk to resolve complex customer issues faster. The Collaborator can be from another team or even a third-party from outside the company. Collaborators can view tickets, add private notes, change ticket status, and access analytics.  

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A brand-new Freshdesk admin page that remembers for you

Freshdesk admins will soon be armed with valuable insights right where they get things done. This refresh will help them understand where they stand compared to the benchmark and the areas they need to focus on to close the gap. The new layout also makes it easy for them to find essential features and learn about them at a glance.

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Power Dialer in Freshcaller

Sales reps using Freshcaller can now maximize their outreach to prospects using Powerdialer. This feature helps users to call a selected list of phone numbers or saved contacts continuously without copy-pasting the numbers from the contacts page every single time.

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Freshworks CRM 

Landing Pages

Marketers don’t need to spend hours building landing pages anymore. They can now build beautiful landing pages that convert without any dependencies and generate more leads, sales, and revenue.

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Segment Integration

Freshworks CRM now has seamless integration with Segment. This enables users to collect customer data from various customer touchpoints and send it to Freshworks CRM. Salespeople can prioritize contacts, reach out to them, and close more deals. 


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Freshworks CRM Unified Tracking Code

Users had to integrate different scripts for a single CRM account, but not anymore. The new Freshworks CRM tracking code lets customers track page visits, form submissions, custom events, and run CRO experiments with a single script.

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Active Contacts is now called Marketing Contacts

To make it easier for customers, we have renamed ‘Active Contacts’ to ‘Marketing Contacts’, which are all contacts who have been a part of marketing activities in the past 30 days.


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Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Webinar

A webinar on CPQ that you can share with your prospects. It provides a deeper understanding of the CPQ capabilities and explains how businesses can manage and maintain an up-to-date product catalog within the CRM.


Freshworks CRM Spotlight

External product tour videos that you can share with your prospects on different features and how they work in Freshworks CRM. 

Landing Pages | Contact Management | Journeys Email Campaigns

ITSM - Freshservice

Introducing Virtual Agent for Slack

Freshservice now supports Virtual Agent on another major enterprise messaging channel —Slack, to help you transform your employee experience. Freshservice Virtual Agent empowers enterprises to provide a best-in-class digital experience to their employees with an intelligent and predictive conversational AI solution.


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Powerful Placeholders With Liquid Filters

You can now leverage Liquid Filters for all areas where placeholders are referenced in the Workflow Automator such as notes, webhooks, app actions, emails, and more. This lets you perform a number of String, Numerical, and Date operations on the placeholder strings.


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Asset Association for Projects and Project Tasks

Associate projects or project tasks to keep track of what assets are needed to get work done and are impacted because of the project or task.

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The Little Things That Matter

We are wrapping up this month with a slew of product enhancements such as Custom Headers for Webhooks, new integrations in Alert Management System, CAB in Custom Objects, and thought these were worth sharing with you.

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[Blog] Remote Team Management: The Do’s and Don’ts

Remote team management has always been challenging and different for team managers and leaders. Not having the luxury to rub shoulders often and not having the liberty to have the entire team under one roof has compelled leaders to acquire new and innovative approaches to remote leadership. In this article, we talk about some of the best practices for remote work, and some strict No-No’s for leaders managing a remote team.


[Blog] How to Manage Changes in your IT Operations?

IT change management is one of the most important aspects of your service management and IT operations—so much that it can make or break an IT enterprise. In this blog, you will learn what changes are, in the context of IT operations, and how to set up an IT change management function and go about managing changes in your IT ecosystem.




[Report] The State of IT Service Management in a Volatile 2021

Written in partnership by The Service Desk Institute, this 2021 ITSM report will look at the thoughts and predictions of IT Teams, from the skills service desk analysts of the future will need and the state of their emotional wellbeing, to how automation is impacting individuals organisations and generally how IT professionals feel about the future of the industry in such a volatile environment.


7 Scenarios To[Report] Flip-the-Switch on Your IT Service Management Strategy

Is your prospect’s IT service management solution right-sized for their needs? Based on our experience working with businesses that have turned around their service management experience, this ebook details the scenarios where we think there’s an opportunity to flip the switch on their ITSM strategy.




[Recording] How to transform Employee Experience with AI & Virtual Agent

Did your prospects/customers miss attending our webinar last time? No worries! If they want to review anything, they can access our recording below and learn how Virtual Agent(s) can help with seamless 24*7 conversational IT support to their employees and improve agent productivity through ticket deflection upto 40%.


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Platform Updates 📢

#BuildToWin Contest

Be a part of this and win exciting prizes! If you’ve got a Custom Object app, we’ve got loads of goodies for you. Win prizes, get featured on Freshworks' social channels and more.

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Unified Customer Record

The journey personalization feature allows Freshworks CRM to create personalized journey campaigns. With contact and event properties shared across Freshmarketer, Freshchat and Freshcaller, you will be able to orchestrate cross-product campaigns that are coherent with past engagement behaviour of the lead.

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Foundation Services

Formserv in Neo now complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG), making it easy for all end users to understand and use forms, including people with special abilities, and those using mobile devices or slow network connections.

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Neo Admin Center

We've recently added SAML 2.0 SSO configuration for Shibboleth, which is the most used identity provider system in the higher education sector globally. Another set of releases like parallel session management and idle session timeout empowers admins to easily manage user sessions from the Neo Admin Center.


Foundation Services - Custom Objects

Access Control feature in LEGO now enables sharing of custom objects with other products and marketplace apps, for a unified user experience. Services can choose any combination of permissions from the available list to enable access to their entities and records.

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The Sales Pub 🍻


 A cool space where you can find some of the juiciest pieces of content. Empower your sales teams with Battle cards, Competitor Brochures, pitch decks, video tutorials, email templates, and more. 

Customer Consumables 🥘

Battle Cards 🤺

Competitive Analysis of the Month - Jira Service Desk

Gain the competitive intelligence required to play your cards right and win deals against Jira Service Desk with our revamped internal differentiator battle card.


Win Against Jira Service Desk

Innovation & Intel 🧠

Freshservice March ERM One-Pager Updates

Trying to keep track of all the important feature updates? Here's a quick feature guide of the month to help you get up to speed on all releases, use cases, and value prop.


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