Who can become a Freshworks partner

if you are a legitimate business with a website and wish to apply to become a partner, pease fill out this Freshworks Partner Program Registration Form
Our onboarding team will review your application and reach out to you

I am interested in the partner program. How can I sign up as a partner?

To become a partner, complete the Freshworks Partner Program Registration Form. Please include as much detail as possible before submitting. Our onboarding team will review your application and reach out to you.

Is an agreement required to become a Freshworks Partner?

Yes, upon approval each Partner must sign a partnership agreement in order to officially join the Freshworks Partner Program.

Does Freshworks levy a membership charge on its partners?

No, Freshworks does not levy a membership charge on its partners.

I want to refer customers but don’t wish to sign up for the reseller partner program?

Yes, we have a Freshdesk affiliate program for partners who wish to refer customers for Freshdesk. You can sign up for the affiliate program here.



Lead Registration

Why should I register a lead?

Lead registration is mandatory to easily qualify and approve leads, and manage deals. It also helps channel managers to track partner progress throughout the deal and evaluate performance internally at Freshworks. The link for lead registration is shared with the partner after sign up. Once the lead is registered, partner can view, update, and track lead status via the partner portal.

How does lead registration work?

Partners must register all leads on the partner portal, and detailed instructions are sent to the partner as part of our onboarding kit. Please note that access to the partner portal is shared by our onboarding team.

How long is a lead assigned to me?

A lead is assigned to a partner for a period of 90 days. However, please note that an outbound lead can only be registered under the partner’s name after approval from the channel manager.

Program Structure

What type of organizations are best suited to become Freshworks Partners?

Organizations that have previously sold or are currently selling technology products, preferably in the cloud space, and understand the economics of selling cloud products are best suited to become Freshworks Partners.

What are the different types of partnerships at Freshworks and their benefits?

We offer three kinds of partnerships—reseller, solution and affiliate partnership. Our reseller partnership provides opportunities to partners to sell our products, and through our Developer program partners can grow their business via product implementation and customisation, along with building high-value and high-quality integrations and third party apps.

How many tiers are there in the Freshworks Reseller Program and how are they calculated?

There are 3 tiers in the reseller program

  • Referrer
  • Authorised partner
  • Preferred partner

To know more about each tier, please click here.

How can I advance from one tier to another?

Partners can advance from one tier to another based on performance with respect to sales, marketing, and other initiatives. For more details on how to move to the next tier, click here.

Will only closing deals (sales) impact my partner Tier?

Revenue is a crucial part of assessing reseller partner performance, however, other initiatives, such as outbound lead generation, development of marketing references such as case studies are also taken into consideration while assessing partner tier.

What are the prerequisites to get acquainted with Freshworks products?

Freshworks offers resources that you can easily access, including video tutorials, presentations, and other course materials to understand our product(s) better after you sign up as a partner.

How can I get listed in the Freshworks Partner directory

In order to get listed in the Freshworks Partner directory, the partner must move to a higher tier i.e. become an authorised or preferred partner.

I do business in multiple countries.Do I need to sign up for the Partners Program in each country?

No, you are not required to sign up separately for each country.Sign up once and your channel manager(s) will discuss the regions with you.



Invoices and Commissions Payout

When are Partner commissions paid?

Partner commissions are processed quarterly and paid at the start of the next quarter.

Whom to contact regarding questions about partner commissions?

In case you have any questions about partner commissions, please write to

How am I paid commissions?

Payments are processed via paypal or bank transfer after receiving the following details

  • For paypal transfer: Paypal ID and W8/9 form
  • For Bank transfer: Letter from bank, signed and stamped, confirming bank account details, and W8/9 form

                                                                                    Got questions about Freshworks Partner Programs? Drop us a line at