Why choose Freshworks + Smileback

With our  Smileback integration for Freshdesk, one click is all it takes to unlock a world of customer feedback. By choosing one of three smiley faces and inserting comments they may have, customers quickly and easily let you know what you’re doing well and what needs improvement.

This helps you praise service agents for their great work, and reach out to unhappy customers before they leave you. Simple to set up, users see an uptick in customer satisfaction and employee morale right away. With solid reporting, analytics, and automation features, it’s no wonder SmileBack customers give it five stars.

Key benefits include:

One-click feedback

Customers pick how satisfied they are in just one click. It’s simple: pick a smiley face, give feedback, and submit.

Highlight your reputation

Attract prospects and keep current customers hooked by showing off your reputation in attractive website widgets.

Detailed data

Filter data by agent, review score, and more. Then collect all the feedback you've received and impress your clients by showing you've been listening from day one.

About Freshworks and Smileback

Smileback and Freshworks work closely together to build seamless and functional integrations for products such as Freshdesk and Freshsales. The main focus driving this partnership is on building apps that allow businesses to gather feedback in a simplified format with three main categories that aid in reducing clutter. This in turn helps businesses understand their customers better and take effective action to improve services based on actual customer inputs.

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How Freshworks and SmileBack work together

Freshworks and SmileBack are natural partners – both are committed to ensuring positive customer experiences. Together, the mission is simple: to make it easy to collect, analyze and share customer feedback.

By integrating SmileBack with Freshdesk (by Freshworks), you have the tools you need to truly become a master of customer satisfaction. In just a few clicks, you know how your customers feel, where you can make business improvements, and can impress your clients with detailed reporting. Putting it simply, the SmileBack integration with FreshDesk is the easiest way to measure and deliver an excellent customer experience. 

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Geographies served

The integration between Freshdesk by Freshworks and Smileback is available all around the world.

Using Smileback with Freshdesk

Using Smileback with Freshdesk helps your agents know where they stand with customers that they interact with. Also, by keeping track of feedback from every customer interaction, agents are motived to always get positive feedback.

Benefits of SmileBack include:

  • An average 42% review response rate
  • Up to ten times more customer feedback
  • Boosted employee morale
  • Closer ties with your customers

 Best of all? It takes three minutes to set up. The video below explains it all.