Freshworks Solution Partner Program

Add revenue channels to your business, earn recurring commissions and grow in a partnership that is built to delight.

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Why become a Freshworks Solution Partner?

Freshworks suite of products empowers you to drive more personalized and unified solutions for businesses, helping make delight easy for customers and employees

Partner at zero cost

Becoming a Freshworks Solution Partner is zero cost, but high value. Enablement, certifications, a demo account, and our support - at no cost.

Increase revenue channels and TAM

Grow your business by earning monthly & accelerated sales commissions based on target attainment, implementations, and customizations. While also Increasing your total addressable market by becoming a one-stop-shop for your customer’s business software needs for sales, marketing, support, IT, and HR.

Collaborate with dedicated experts

Get support from a team of channel & customer success managers, product consultants, marketing associates, and support representatives. 

As you grow, so do the benefits!

Our multi-tier Solution Partner Program—split into registered, authorized, and preferred partners—offers various opportunities, rewards, and incentives depending on the tier.


Help accelerate digital transformation as a System Integrator


Freshworks System Integrators are experts who help businesses drive their digital evolution. They have a strong presence across the world and come with years of success in implementing and delivering solutions. 

Become a System Integrator with Freshworks to co-create solutions that accelerate digital transformations and future-proof businesses. 

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Let’s unite to delight

Join a global community of solution partners who amplify sales, leverage industry knowledge, and accelerate their growth with Freshworks products.

Become a partner
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Looking for a solution partner?

Talk to the specialists and get all the help you need. Our partners, present around the globe, will provide you with solutions that are fast and easy to use.

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Who can become a Freshworks partner?

If you are a legitimate business with a website and wish to apply to become a partner, please fill out this Freshworks Partner Program Sign Form.
Our onboarding team will review your application and reach out to you.

Do we need to enter into an agreement in order to become a Freshworks partner?

Every Freshworks Partner is required to agree to the terms and conditions of the program.  Registered, Authorized and Prefered Partners are required to officially sign the partnership agreement with Freshworks Inc. An Implementation Solutions Partner is required to sign the SI Framework Agreement, as well as to additional documents based on the services that the partner will be providing. 

Does Freshworks levy a membership charge on its partners?

No, Freshworks does not levy a membership charge on its partners.

What are the terms of service once I sign on a new deal?

The Freshworks Terms of Service can be found here.

Where can I find the Business Partner Standards of Conduct?

]The Business Partner Standards of Conduct can be found here.

I want to refer customers but don’t wish to sign up for the Partner Program. Is this an option?

Yes, we have an Affiliate Program for partners who wish to refer customers. You can sign up for the Affiliate Program.

Does Freshworks provide a free account for partners?

The demo account is free. However, if the partner wants to use it for their own company they can purchase it at a discounted rate.

Program Structure

What are the organizations best suited to become Freshworks Partners?

Organizations that provide services such as consulting, sales, implementation, or support, preferably in the cloud space, and understand the economics of selling cloud products, are best suited to become Freshworks partners. 

How can I advance from one tier to another?

Partners advance from one tier to another based on their performance in sales, marketing, and other initiatives. 

What are the prerequisites to get acquainted with Freshworks products?

You can attend the basic and advanced product training sessions to learn about our products. You can also take a look at video tutorials, presentations, and other course materials to understand our product(s) better.

How can I get listed in the Freshworks partner directory?

If you are a Freshworks Preferred Solution Partner or an Authorized Solution Partner, you will automatically be listed in the Freshworks Partner Directory.

My business has a presence in multiple countries. Do I need to sign up for the Partner Program in each country?

No, you are not required to sign up separately for each country.
Sign up once and your onboarding manager(s) will discuss the regions with you.

Lead Registration

Why should I register a lead?

Lead registration is mandatory to easily qualify and approve leads, and manage deals. It also helps your onboarding manager track partner progress throughout the deal and evaluates performance internally at Freshworks.

How can I register a lead and how are they assigned to me?

You can register a lead through our prescribed PRM tool and the lead created will be assigned to you.

How long is a lead assigned to me?

A lead is assigned to a partner for a period of 45 days. However, please note that an outbound lead can only be registered under the partner’s name after approval from the channel manager.

Agreements, Licensing, Pricing, and Sales Transactions

How can I access Freshworks marketing material and use them?

Marketing material will be shared with you at the time of onboarding. Partners in other advanced tiers are given access to different marketing materials that their onboarding manager will share with them. 

Can I offer discounts/sell at a margin?

Please note that discounts can be offered to prospects only after approval from your onboarding manager/channel manager.

Partner Education, Enablement, and Support

How long is the enablement period and what does it involve?

The enablement period lasts 1-2 months for basic and advanced product training and certifications. These certifications are foundational and are required for all resources. There are also role-specific sales, implementation, and developer training and certification.

Can I access sales materials, product decks, and walkthroughs to help make a sale?

Yes. Please contact your onboarding manager who will share the necessary resources with you. 

What kind of marketing support does a partner receive?

Marketing support for partners varies according to the tiers partners are currently at and changes as they grow. It may include access to logos, competitor battle cards, brochures, campaign templates, market development funds, etc.

Do you provide certifications for partners?

Yes. We provide Expert designated product certifications for our Freshworks suite of products. 

Will Freshworks provide support to me after I close a deal?

Freshworks provides technical and marketing support for all partner tiers. However, Freshworks expects the partner to provide L1 support for their customers and will help out wherever necessary.

Connect with Us

I am interested in the Freshworks Partner Program. Where do I sign up?

To sign up for our Partner Program, please complete this form.