How Freshdesk + Zingtree can help your team

Integrating Zingtree's interactive decision trees with Freshdesk helps you improve customer support interactions from the ground up, both for live call center support and customer self-help scenarios. Zingtree’s solution for call center teams guides every agent interaction with the customer right within Freshdesk, ensuring that every internal process is followed perfectly.


This helps customer experience managers in ensuring that all customer interactions follow SOPs and making self-help support more efficient. Instead of lengthy FAQs or documents, a well-designed interactive decision tree can more efficiently guide end-users through the same processes a live technician would do, and also provide time-saving background information if the problem cannot be self-solved.  Key benefits of the integration:

Better Processes for Agent Scripting

Empower agents to follow SOPs by allowing them to open interactive customer engagement scripts directly from a Freshdesk ticket. Each session is directly linked to the support ticket, making it easy for multiple agents to resume conversations at follow-up calls or ticket transfers.

Empower Users to Self-Solve

By giving customers access to Zingtree interactive decision trees, you can reduce back-and-forth by allowing end-users to self-solve problems. In case a solution is not found, a ticket is created automatically, and includes a transcript of the decision tree session, serving as some valuable background information.

Analytics & Performance Tracking

Zingtree also comes with detailed reporting and analytics. Get access to real-time reporting on call scripts and decision trees, and review each point of agent or end-user interaction on a per-session basis. Easy access to this data makes it easy to see common problems and bottlenecks.

About Freshdesk + Zingtree


At Freshworks, we’re dedicated to developing easy-to-use solutions that create simple and efficient customer interactions, and we are constantly looking for new ways to support our users. Our partnership with Zingtree not only gives you access to all of the Freshdesk features that you love, but also introduces new functionality that keep operations running smoothly and customers happy. Zingtree’s interactive decision trees are the best-in-class solution to simplify complex or redundant processes, standardize agent scripting, allow customers to self-solve and ultimately improve ROI on customer service interactions.  


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        Use Cases   

  • Guides agents to the proper solution based on a customer's responses during phone and chat interactions.
  • Provides self-service support to customers through embedded interactive decision trees of support and/or troubleshooting information, reducing overall ticket volume
  • Includes the transcript of the decision tree session in a ticket if a customer is unable to find a solution via self-service
  • Automatically tracks agent performance, customer satisfaction, and resolutions in order to solve customer problems faster and more accurately
  • Allows easy pause and resume of call script sessions to allow another agent to take over in the customer interaction if necessary

Watch the demo video below to get a glimpse of this integration:


Geographies served

The integration between Freshdesk by Freshworks and Zingtree is available globally.