Freshworks stores and processes customer data, where data refers to all electronic data, messages or other material submitted to Freshworks by the customer through the customer’s account in connection with the customer’ use of Freshworks service(s). This data is processed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations for the purpose of providing services in the Freshworks product suite. As a data processor, Freshworks performs operations or set of operations on this data in relation to services offered.

‘Data hosted’ means data stored for delivery of services we provide as a data processor, and includes data stored for backup. ‘Data’ stated hereby is with reference to definitions specified in the table below:

Ticket data Information like custom fields, source, tags, attachments, activities in a ticket
Requestor data Any data on requester's email, id, mobile, name, and phone
Agent/User data   Includes agent details like name, email, contact, location, group information,and user data like name, company information and custom field data
Call recording Agent/User detail, company information, contact data and location
Conversations Agent/User detail, company information, contact data and location, messages
Social content User information like name, email,location and company information
Application integration data Information related to the relationship, or linking of one data set to another, with one data set typically residing outside Freshworks
Knowledgebase content Details pertaining to the article topic -- category, company information and access
Forum data Data related to agent/user detail like name, activity and company information; message thread data
Report data Company and agent information, and ticket details

Data Hosting

Data is hosted with data centers qualified by global IT standards and regulations. Freshworks provides multiple locations to host data (upon purchase of Data Hosting Options). The below table summarizes various data hosting locations available with Freshworks.

For customers hosted in the EEA with custom mailbox, data remains in the EEA by default. However, if customers choose to use services like 3rd party integrations and apps, custom apps then data is expected to leave the EEA (European Economic Area).

The below table summarizes various data hosting locations available with Freshworks.


Ticket data, requestor/contact data, social data, application integration data,knowledge base data, forum data, report data

Available in US, EEA, IND and AU

Call recording, chat messages

Available in US and EEA

Ticket data, requestor/contact data, application integration data,knowledge base data and forum data

Available in US, EEA, IND and AU

Problem, change & release information, asset data; contract details, project information and announcements

Lead data, contact data, account data, deal data, file data, application integration data, sales activity (appointment, task, call log, notes, custom sales activities) data, events data, report data

Available in US and EEA

Call recording*

E-mail messages

Call data, contact data, agent data

Available in US and EEA

Call recording*

Conversations, social data, application integration data, knowledge base data, report data, agent/user data

Available in US and EEA

Chat Messages


Employee details, candidate details, report data, Social data


Available in US only



Website visitor data (browser, OS, location), website visitor activity data (clicks, scrolls), events data and report data


Available in US only

*call recording for Freshdesk, Freshsales & Freshdesk Contact Center is generated in the US, temporarily held for 10 mins and then routed to the EEA.

Backup and logs

Freshworks maintains a robust backup plan where data is distributed and stored in secure locations in the respective region. Logs are stored for a period of 1 year in the respective region of hosting, for all above products. Additionally, Freshdesk & Freshservice logs for US & India data centers are stored in the EEA for 30 days and then deleted soon after.

Freshworks Cross-Product Authentication

Freshworks’ SSO platform provides users with identity and access management capability across all Freshworks products. User authentication and profile data is collected and processed within Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Google Cloud Platform(GCP) environments. These services comply with recommended global security standards, and have necessary measures instituted for protection of data.

Data Migration

Freshworks provides data migration options for both Freshdesk and Freshservice customers. As a security measure, while moving services from other vendors to Freshdesk, Freshworks ensures service data is contained within the AWS environment of the product. The AWS environment is subject to required global security standards, and the migration process is executed on the Freshdesk Migration Platform in AWS.

Integration Data

Freshworks Marketplace for Freshdesk and Freshservice showcases collection of applications for integration and productivity with 3rd party systems. Our recent addition of Freshsales integration enables easy view of customer information without moving out of Freshdesk. API requests made by integrations may be processed outside the EEA.

For more information on data processed by Freshworks, access Freshworks’ Terms of ServicePrivacy Notice and Sub-processors List.