“ 25 Percent of Customer Service Operations Will Use Virtual Customer Assistants by 2020” - Gartner, 2019

Why chatbots matter

Customers today expect low-effort experiences. So you deploy live chat to remove friction from your customer engagement. However, as live chat usually results in a higher volume of engagement, customer conversations become harder to manage. To offer frictionless experiences as well as manage chat volumes, you need chatbots. 

Chatbots are a one-time investment that can offer instant self-service, deflect a significant number of inquiries, and can easily scale as your requirements grow.  So whether you are evaluating the implementation of chatbots for your sales, marketing or customer service, here are a couple of reasons to get started. 

Why chatbots

Lead generation is easier.

Chatbots are a great way to convert window shoppers into buyers. Chatbots are created to nudge action, ask questions about the visitor’s intent, and answer common questions. With the immediacy of chatbots, your website can quickly convert visitors to leads, and even qualify these leads before handing them off to your sales team.

Improve conversion rates

Chatbots can pop-up to trigger messages that capture the visitor’s attention. These triggers can be based on common points of visitor bounce or cart abandonment and can nudge the visitor from consideration to purchase. Unlike live chat, no matter the time of day, if a customer initiates a conversation, the chatbot can continue the conversation without agents on the other end. 

Better Lead Qualification

Chatbots can be trained to understand if a visitor is likely to turn into a customer or not. By asking specific pre-set questions, the chatbot can offer your sales teams a way to gain high-quality leads without the hassle of having to qualify leads themselves. This is best done with the help of initiating widget apps within the chat, that can perform tasks such as appointment scheduling or form-filling within the chat widget.

Increase cost efficiency

Chatbots are more affordable for your business as you don’t have to spend a lot of configuration and setup. Unlike other customer engagement channels, you aren’t dependent on agents who have to work around the clock, and you’ll be automating your lead generation process too!


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Customer engagement is more effective. 

Your business should be able to engage with your customers at every step of their journey. Chatbots can help personalize conversations, nurture your leads better and improve engagement across your funnel.

Personalize conversations every time

Chatbots allow you to easily share updates and notifications, engage leads and close business. At scale, it’s difficult for your business to engage with clients at a personal level. However, chatbots can understand your customer’s intent, order history, and personalize outreach to improve the quality of engagement.

Nudge towards actions

Chatbots close the loop with your customers. They can trigger actions and flows like booking appointments, making payments or collecting feedback. It can set up appointments, make payments, get feedback. So the visitor won’t have to leave without taking a step towards a purchase, this increases the rate of conversion. 


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Customer service is unparalleled.

Chatbots can increase customer satisfaction through frictionless support. Chatbots can offer precise answers to questions and point customers in the right direction, while smart bots can offer contextual advice and escalate conversations to a live agent when necessary.

Save responding time

Common questions like “What’s your refund policy?” shouldn’t need a support agent to intervene. Chatbots can understand the intent of questions and suggest the right solution articles. They can also help customers with troubleshooting workflows to solve their queries themselves.

Available anytime and anywhere

The most important benefit of implementing a chatbot is that they can offer round-the-clock support. Also, chatbots are a low-friction solution as they are available on every screen as well as in messenger apps. 


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Chatbots are helpful to your customers too.

Just like how chatbots are beneficial to business, they are also beneficial to customers. As the end-users of chatbots, the success of this tool remains entirely in the hands of visitors. Customers want easy and quick solutions to their problems, and chatbots can be that tool. 

Quicker Resolutions

Unlike email or live chat, chatbots can give answers within seconds. Customers will be able to move forward once they get answers to what they are looking for. This also means that the customer will be able to move to the next stage of purchase without leaving the website.

More accessible

The main reason that users are embracing chatbot as a tool is that it is easily accessible to them. No matter which web page or platform they are on, having a chatbot there makes it easier for them to interact with your business. 

Comfortable communication

The reason messaging tools are being used more than social media is that your customer spends most of their time on mobile and is used to chatting with friends and family. By offering them a familiar channel of communication, the customer has complete control of the conversation and is more likely to engage. 


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