Here's why you should drop Drip

Tends to the needs of all industries uniformly

Drip is a globally renowned e-commerce CRM. The times are changing, and so are the industries’ use-cases. The search is on for a marketing automation tool that serves marketers impartially, irrespective of their industry.
Why should the e-commerce industry have all the fun? Freshmarketer ensures every business and market vertical is tended to and benefits equally from its wide range of features.

a tool that serves all industries uniformly a tool that serves all industries uniformly

A beginner's best friend

When you make a software investment, you don’t want to be investing extra effort and time in setting up and running a clunky software. The tool you pick you should be intuitive and user-friendly.

Time and again, new Drip users find it hard to use complex features without prior programming knowledge. Expect no less than a  beginner-friendly experience with Freshmarketer!

a beginner best friend a beginner best friend
Create automation workflows on the go

With the evolution of marketing automation solutions, workflow automation builders have been advancing too. With Freshmarketer, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping the workflow’s building blocks onto your canvas. These building blocks come with various functionalities to fulfill a wide range of use cases.

Once you hit the Publish button, experience the “wow” moment with Freshmarketer’s live view. The live view comes in handy when you want to analyze your journey performance by viewing the number of active customers at every step of the journey. You could tweak the journeys at any time and also segment contacts based on their performance in these journeys.  

create automation workflows on the go create automation workflows on the go


Save up on your marketing budget

If you have a large online presence, you would probably have to shell out more money on Drip. To put it simply, Drip is a pricey marketing automation tool that was made to serve the e-commerce industry.

With Drip, the pricing goes steep after a certain number of contacts. You won’t be experiencing this in Freshmarketer. We let you subscribe monthly/annually and offer pay as you go services. This makes Freshmarketer cost-effective for both- small and large businesses alike.

fm-mailchimp-smb fm-mailchimp-smb

Expert help at your service 

Drip doesn’t offer support via phone for any of their plans. We know how much you would appreciate some extra help, especially if you have just ventured into marketing automation. Not only are our support agents available 24/5 via phone, chat and email support, we also have dedicated marketing automation experts on our customer success team. 

Feel free to hit us up with questions on our product, or your experiments. Your marketing’s on us!

expert help at your service expert help at your service

Feature Comparison

Uncover all that's missing in Drip in the table below.

Bulk import
Smart Segment Creation
Drag and drop workflow builder
Workflow live view
Multiple trigger support
Drag and drop email builder
In-house CRM integration
Email personalization
Custom form builder
Phone support
Free trial period

14 days

21 days

Data as of July 2019.

Pricing Comparison

Freshmarketer lets you pay as you grow. Here's the proof.

























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