To strengthen an individual's rights to privacy, the European Union brought about the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Fortifying existing directives on data protection, the GDPR defines guidelines for businesses collecting, storing and processing personal data. The regulation issued by the European Union applies to businesses processing personal data of European residents, and has an enforcement deadline of May 2018.


Benefits of the GDPR


Strengthen individual's rights to protection of their data


Keep pace with technology, and enhance protection against unwarranted use of personal data


Harmonize data protection laws inside and outside the European Union

The regulation ecompasses steps to be taken in all areas of protecting an individual's privacy -- setting up security mechanisms, compliance, repercussions of breach and more. Non-compliance beyond the enforcement date, is liable to attract heavy penalties.

Committed to protecting our customers personal data, Freshworks is here to help customers and end-users understand significance of the GDPR, its requirements and our allegiance to comply by global standards.