Low customer expectations mark a business opportunity

Only 14% of consumers expect to be wowed when interacting with brands, confirming that the market is ripe for a fresh approach to customer delight


A majority of consumers (77%) are even willing to exchange information for a more personalized, faster and values-driven experience.


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Consumers expect brands to not waste their time

Speed matters for customers: 52% of people surveyed expect a quick resolution, 80% said they want quicker responses from companies.

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Deconstructing Delight: Understanding the Complexity of Consumer Expectations (Global Survey, June 2021)


The findings show that companies can no longer separate their product from the customer experience; instead, it is a business imperative for companies to make it easy to delight their customers through thoughtful, easy and speedy interactions that reflect customer values.

  • Consumers' low expectations mark a major business opportunity
  • They expect companies to share their values and will exchange a range of data for a better company experience
  • Consumers are complicated and even contradictory at times, but still lean toward the human touch

The research was conducted by Opinium, on behalf of Freshworks, who surveyed 11,502 global adults aged 18+, from Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Download the survey to see to what companies must do to meet differing and ever-changing consumer preferences

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