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Fuel your start-up growth. With ease.

Freshstack is a full-stack CRM for fast growing small businesses that can grow and scale with you. Freshstack makes it easy to adopt a powerful, all-in-one marketing, sales, and support solution so your team can generate more quality leads, grow revenue fast, and delight your customers with effortless omnichannel service.

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Customer Service in the Age of Delight


Enable distributed teams to work towards faster resolutions. Democratize support and bring together the power of subject matter experts across distributed teams to solve complex customer issues.

Freshdesk and Freshservice Integration

Bring your customer support and internal teams together. Seamlessly unify your customer support and internal teams between Freshdesk and Freshservice to delight customers and employees effortlessly. 

New engagement channels

Be where your customers are. Provide modern conversational experiences through messaging and intelligent chatbots to your customers on all their favorite apps, like WhatsApp, ABC, Facebook Messenger, and more. Set-up questions, answers and conversational variants in over 40 languages.

Customer Portal

Reimage self-service. Manage multiple customer portals and deliver a tailored self-service experience with minimal developer dependency and costs. With out-of-the-box WCAG theme and marketplace apps support, customers can ensure the portal is equally accessible for everyone and extend its capabilities to solve specific business needs. 

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Integrated Major Incident Management Made Easy

On-call Management

Ensure major incidents don’t bring you down. Now IT teams can limit disruptions caused by critical incidents.

Automated Alert Grouping

Separate signal from the noise to maintain your SLAs. Reduce alert noise to minimize downtime with Automated Alert Grouping, powered by Freshservice’s ML algorithm, to study and affix incoming alerts to related open incidents. 

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Close Deals Faster through AI-driven Customer Insights

Send Time Optimization

Automatically send individual emails at the best times using built-in Freddy AI to improve open rates and overall campaign effectiveness.   

Coming soon!

Sales Performance Management

Know your team, see performance soar. Automatically track and understand seller behavior for improved performance and coaching.

Coming soon!

Freshsales Suite Advanced Customization

Freshsales and Freshmarketer - your way. Personalize the user’s experience with ease with a fully customizable navigation bar, contact and account records, and more.  Increase application governance with granular, user-based access controls specific to search and data., 

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Freshworks Neo Platform

Deliver unified and seamless digital experiences


Empower your team to solve automation challenges with minimal coding. Extend and integrate Freshworks products with low or no coding using drag-and-drop UI elements, visual workflow modeling, and pre-built reusable components. 

Unified Analytics

Get insights across all Freshworks products and third-party data sources without needing a complex BI tool or a team of analysts. 

Google's Business Messages Integration

The Freshdesk Messaging - Google’s Business Messages integration will help your customers and prospects get in touch with you directly from Google Search or Google Maps.  Engage with your end-users seamlessly on this popular messaging channel now. 

Passwordless Authentication

Let go of passwords. Passwordless authentication creates an experience that is seamless for users and secure for admins and enables access to the Freshworks account with a single click. 

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