A CRM that fits your business

Freshsales Suite adapts to the way your team works. 

Contact Lifecycle Stages

A contact goes through various stages in their lifecycle. Create your own lifecycle stages based on your business process.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields—text, date pickers, checklist, and even formula fields to collect and store information for your business. 

Custom Sales Activities

Create custom activities and define their outcomes. Track interactions, check-in to meetings, log calls, add notes, and more.

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Multi-currency and Multi-language

Manage transactions in the local currency, automate currency conversion, and customize your CRM to speak your preferred language.

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Custom Modules

Create custom modules to capture additional information that is unique to your business process.


Boost team efficiency with automation

Amplify your sales productivity. Save time to do more.

Task Management

Create tasks, reminders, and appointments. Get an overview of upcoming activities on the activity dashboard, and avoid missing on opportunities.

Auto-assignment Rules 

Freshsales Suite automatically assigns leads to salespeople across territories, based on lead-routing rules.

Sales Sequences

Automate sequences of sales actions like emails, calls, and SMSes, and personalize interactions to close deals faster.

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Automate your key tasks and business processes with intelligent workflows. Reduce manual dependency, save time, and sell more.

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Internal Notifications

Send notifications to internal teams when certain custom actions are completed, including lead sign ups, upgrades, cancellations, and more.

Contextual Collaboration with Slack

Give access to team members to take part in deal-related discussions. Use Slack for real-time collaboration and close more deals.


Be wherever your contacts are

Foster strong customer relationships with multichannel communication.


Deliver the right emails at the right time. Connect your email inbox with Freshsales Suite to send, track, and manage emails. 

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Make calls from your CRM with a single click and add context to conversations with call logs, and recordings.

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Interact with your website visitors and build relationships in real-time. Respond to chats directly from the CRM and funnel quality leads. 

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WhatsApp Business

With the WhatsApp integration, you can read and respond to WhatsApp messages from Freshsales Suite. 

Apple Business Chat

Receive iMessages and reply to them using the chat widget in Freshsales Suite.


Reach your contacts’ pockets. Freshsales Suite integrates with your SMS provider to send SMS to your contacts.


Get a 360° view of your customer

Bring together internal teams—sales, support, and marketing—around a single, shared view of customer data.

Summary Section

Customize the summary section to display critical data for your business.

Details Section

Get a comprehensive view of your contacts across modules, apps, and touchpoints.

Activity Timeline

Understand customer behavior in real-time across channels and take quick action.

Highlight Cards

Highlight modules, activities, sales sequences, and last contacted information for actionable insights.

Auto-profile Enrichment

Freshsales Suite automatically enriches your contacts with their social and publicly listed information. 


Automate your marketing efforts

Find and engage your audience with automated workflows, behavioral segmentation, and end-to-end personalization.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Analyze visitor behavior, and optimize your website for better conversions using Heatmaps, Session Replay, A/B Testing, and more.

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Web Forms

Capture visitor information seamlessly with webforms. You can create new code-free forms from scratch, or track existing web forms.

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Marketing Lists 

Build new lists, import existing lists, and group your contacts based on various conditions and different types of campaigns.


Create smart segments and target your audience better. Segment your contacts based on demography, geography, behavior, and more.

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Visual Email Builder

Design emails from scratch with an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder. Create responsive emails effortlessly for multiple devices. 

Marketing Journey Builder

Use triggers, actions, controls, and delays to build extensive customer journeys, automate email sequences, set up autoresponders, and more.

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Landing Pages

Build beautiful landing pages in minutes with an easy-to-use landing page builder and convert more traffic into leads. 

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Make better decisions with AI

Enhance your productivity with the power of artificial intelligence

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Lead Generation Bot

Set up custom bots on your website and automate chat messages to collect visitor information across sessions,  provide relevant information, and offer valuable content.

Predictive Contact Scoring

Prioritize the contacts you interact with. Freddy AI goes through historical data and assigns a score to every contact.

Deduplication by Freddy

Freddy proactively looks for, detects, and displays duplicate leads or contacts in the CRM by matching them based on their identifiers such as name, email, or mobile number.

Out-of-office Detection

Freddy analyses incoming emails and alerts when the contact is unavailable. Reschedule your tasks, appointments, calls, emails, and other sales activities effortlessly.

Deal Insights

Make better decisions and close more deals. Freddy analyzes historical data and engagement to find deals that you should focus on


Move your deals up the sales ladder

Seize every opportunity to close more deals.

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Multiple Sales Pipelines

Manage different sales teams and keep track of their deals. Visualize your sales processes and create pipelines with relevant deal stages. 

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Product Catalog

Track your expanding product and service catalog. Add products to deals to auto calculate deal value without any manual errors.

Sales Goals

Set sales goals based on revenue and closed deals; define a time range, effectively track progress, and achieve targets.

Sales Forecasting

Commit to deals and set best-case estimates to make accurate sales forecasts

Rotten Deals

Focus on the deals that need more attention. Assign a deal age and Freshsales Suite will highlight the deals that are rotting.


Get action-oriented insights with visual reports

Analyze team performance across geographies and territories, and get insights into all metrics.

Standard Reports

Choose from various built-in reports, visually analyze your data within minutes, and track your metrics

Attribution Reports

Identify sources that contribute to growth. Track your contacts' interaction and attribute every touchpoint towards a conversion. 

Conversion Reports

Focus on your conversion rate. Track your deals over different time periods, and see how your contacts converted.

Win-loss Analysis

Get complete context on your sales performance. Evaluate sales trends, analyze win and loss rates, and make better decisions.

Custom Reports

Create reports that fit your requirements. Decide which metrics you want to track, add charts and widgets, and build reports from scratch.


Control the accessibility of your data

Manage roles and responsibilities, and control access to information.

Audit Logs

View a chronological sequence of changes made on your account by users.

Custom Roles

Create roles from scratch with different properties and define the scope of each user. Grant access to users depending on their role. 

Field Permissions

Make sensitive data fields editable, readable, or hidden. Configure permissions for individual fields and regulate access to critical information.

Record Types

With record types, you can create different processes,  display critical information, and set access for data based on the users' roles.


Expand the capabilities of Freshsales Suite

Choose from hundreds of applications to connect to and empower yourself with more capabilities.

API Access

Transfer data between different applications. Seamlessly integrate with other technologies and apps with APIs access.


Set up two-way contact sync with Freshdesk in real-time. View support tickets, add notes, track tickets, and boost customer satisfaction.


Harness the power of the Freshworks platform. Extend your experience by integrating with over 100 apps, and scale faster.


Evaluate contact health with Freshsuccess integration. Empower account managers with rich customer data, and increase retention.


Integrate with other tools using webhooks. Push data to third-party applications securely and reliably.


Manage relationships from anywhere

Access data from anywhere, at anytime.

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Google Maps

The Freshsales Suite mobile app syncs with your Google Maps.  Book an Uber or get directions to your contacts' location.


Mark your presence at an offline meeting by checking-in to your current location and keep your team in the loop.

Voice Notes

Don't miss a single detail about your interaction with the contact. Add voice notes to your records and give more context to your teams.

Mobile Offline Mode

Stay up-to-date with your deals even when you are offline. Store records on your mobile app for offline access, and add more data.

Gmail Add-on

Access your CRM information within Gmail. Get complete context about your contacts in a single look, add tasks, schedule appointments, make notes, and more.

Outlook Add-on

Sync your Freshsales Suite mobile app with your Outlook ID. Bring onboard contact lists from your Office 365 account.