Put the power of AI to work for your sales teams 

Historically, the role of a salesperson has been to find new leads, qualify leads, contextually engage with them based on their interest and ability to purchase and take them through the full sales cycle. Thanks to AI and ML, sales teams can not only automate many of their tasks like lead generation and lead qualification but also change the way they sell. AI enables sales teams to sell in real-time through AI-powered chatbots, distinguishes hot and cold leads, provides visibility into deals that are likely to close, and allows sales teams to get ahead of at-risk deals and course-correct actions. In short, AI can help your sales team work better and faster, by automating the mundane tasks and helping you focus on building relationships with customers.

How Freddy enables your sales team to work smarter and faster

Prioritize the right leads and remove
duplicate records

Freddy’s intelligent lead scoring system ranks the leads in the system based on their engagement with the business, helping salespeople choose the right leads to chase. Freddy’s data deduplication algorithm also cleans up the duplicate records. It relies not only on exact matches but also adds on a layer of intelligence to find duplicates by misspellings and extra spaces. 

Freddy lead insights
Freddy for accurate revenue forecasting 

Freddy analyzes and learns from historical sales data, activities, and engagement to deliver deal insights. By offering predictions of the likelihood of success and recommendations on actions to take, Freddy’s deal insights help sales teams make better decisions and close more deals. Freddy auto-assigns a prediction tag to a deal based on the activities performed on the deal. 

Automation to increase sales velocity

Freddy helps sales teams sell faster and be more productive by automating repetitive sales tasks. Freddy qualifies leads, assigns them to the right salesperson, and schedules follow-ups based on the salesperson’s availability. As a result, sales teams are able to close deals a whole lot faster. 

Hallway leads bot powered by Freddy