New: Send and receive SMSes in Freshsales

SMS is one of the most effective channels you can use to reach out to your customers. According to a number of studies, SMSes to prospects have open and response rates as high as 98% and 45% respectively—compared to corresponding figures of 20% and 6% for email.

SMS works faster than email and it’s more effective in eliciting a response; it’s also less intrusive than a phone call. Which is why Freshsales now lets you SMS your prospects, without leaving the CRM.

Introducing SMS in Freshsales

With this feature, you can send personalized SMSes to your leads and contacts individually, in bulk, and through your workflows.

1. Connect with your SMS app: Connect with the SMS app of your choice. We currently support Twilio, ClickSend, and Zipwhip. If you’re looking for another SMS app, let us know at and we’ll be happy to add it to our list.

Available mobile service providers

2. Personalize your SMS content: Send personalized SMSes to your leads and customers using placeholders.
send personalised SMS

3. Send SMS to an individual, or in bulk: You can choose to send an SMS to individuals, or you can select a list of prospects and customers to send SMSes in bulk.

bulk SMS

4. Receive replies to your messages: With a 2-way integration, you can now receive replies to sent SMSes and keep the conversation going. Get notified when you receive a response and view the message log under “Recent conversations.”

Receive SMS

5. Automate sending SMS: You can send SMSes automatically using workflows—whether it’s a discount promotion, a trial expiry notification or a follow-up to the quote you sent. Just add the right conditions to configure a personalized SMS, and let Freshsales take care of the rest.

6. Track your sales team’s SMS usage: Create summary reports by owner to track how many SMSes are being sent by your sales team.

Applicable Plans: All Plans

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