All-in-one sales platform

If you have a SaaS business, chances are you’d be receiving a high volume of leads each day. While you use a CRM to manage your contacts, you’d probably be juggling between a phone system, email client and other sales tools to get things done. Freshsales is a SaaS CRM software that helps you manage your leads from signups to closure. Freshsales not only lets you manage your contacts and schedule tasks and appointments, it also lets you send emails, make phone calls, manage deals, and generate reports, all from the CRM.

Contact management
Deal management
Analytics and reports

Holistic view of customer’s sales interactions

Tracking a prospect’s interaction with your website and SaaS product gives you key insights that help you figure out if the prospect is genuinely interested in what you’re selling. Freshsales has sales activity tracking that shows the pages that piqued your prospect’s interest, and the actions performed—signups, downloads and feature adoption—on each page. These insights help you make meaningful, relevant conversations, plan your next best actions and move your prospects up the sales ladder.

Data-driven insights with advanced visual reports

A SaaS business needs advanced reporting that gives them insights into sales trends, potential sales areas, the deal’s status, team’s performance, marketing campaigns and more. Freshsales cloud CRM software helps you build elegant graphical reports using tables and charts to understand and monitor your sales progress, and take smart decisions. You can preview reports before you run them, share the report with your team and export them as a .CSV file.

Communicate from Freshsales

Manage emails right inside Freshsales. Get your inbox synced, have emails automatically associated with the lead and contact and send emails right from the CRM. Make more calls in just a click from the built-in phone functionality.

Lead Scoring

Be sure you are talking to the right prospect by scoring them by their characteristics and behavior on your website, product and email. The higher the lead score, the more interested the lead is and ready to make a purchase.

APIs and Integrations

Easily integrate Freshsales with other applications such as Segment, Google Calendar and Freshdesk, or use our APIs. You can also check out integrations with productivity apps like Zapier and MailChimp.

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