5 Live chat benefits you should know for 2020

Live chat for 2020

Live chat has time and again proven to be a powerful tool for businesses to interact with customers. In fact, in the past few years, live chat has evolved from a mere support channel to a dynamic platform for sales, marketing, and customer service efforts. Businesses have jumped on the live chat bandwagon because it solves the need for immediate interaction. And as more businesses rely on live chat, the channel has become faster and more efficient. 

Benefits of using live chat in 2020

Live chat providers have developed capabilities through automation that can help teams keep up with the growing demand for faster answers. By automating parts of the live chat, teams have become solution-oriented rather than answer-oriented. Instead of being response-driven, businesses can focus on finding ways to improve customer experience. Live chat has evolved and allowed businesses to focus on the bigger picture. If you are contemplating live chat as a solution for your team, here are the benefits of having live chat in 2020.

#1 Get more prospects to sign-up 

Most sales teams will tell you that the bottleneck in converting leads into customers is getting them to take a demo of the product. While websites are filled with lead forms and demo request buttons, it’s difficult to convince the customer to take that step. Going back and forth by email or phone causes leads to drop off and lose interest. But, by integrating live chat with Google Calendar, you can easily book meetings and schedule demos with your prospects. 

Schedule meetings with one click.

Your team should spend more time giving demos rather than making appointments, and live chat simplifies the efforts of the customer and notifies you about the scheduled event. In fact, 38% of customers said they had made their purchase due to the chat session itself. A simple gesture of sharing calendars can considerably increase the number of sign-ups you get. 

#2 Give customers instant responses

Did you know that 21% of all live chat conversations go unanswered? It can be hard to reach every user with limited agents. And, unanswered conversations lead to unhappy users. But there is a simple fix to this issue: Chatbots. It is predicted that 85% of customer service conversations will happen via chatbots by 2021. So, there are benefits to integrating bots to live chat. It gives you the best of both worlds – It automates routine questions on one hand and on the other, it transfers to agents when it doesn’t know the answer.

Freddy Answers bot provides intent-based resolutions

Since the responses are instant, and every visitor is attended to, businesses can use live chat for more than just support, and meaningfully engage with all visitors. It can qualify leads automatically and it can also be used to nurture customers through engagement. Learn more about why chatbots matter.

#3 Get rid of language barriers

74% of customers are likely to buy a product if they know that they receive post-sales support in their native language. However, it can be hard for small businesses to keep up with this expectation. To offer support in regional languages, businesses used to have to hire regional support or set up local offices. 

Nowadays, there is the option of having a live translate option for live chat – a simple Google Translate integration so your existing support team can talk to customers across geographies.

Live Translate reduces dependence on regional support agents. 

Live translation allows your support team to be in one place while offering global customer service. The live translation feature allows you to send replies to your customers in their language in real-time. The messages sent by the users are auto-translated for the live agent, and vice versa.

#4 Route users to team with clear navigations 

Live chat can go from collecting information from first-time visitors to lending a hand for customer onboarding. And all of this happens within the widget of a webpage. To ensure users don’t get misdirected to the wrong team, it’s important to think through your entire website navigation, understand the likely intention of a visitor, and personalize the widget journeys to help them take the next logical step. Live chat providers are putting more time into creating a messenger UI that is clear and self-sufficient.

A clear messenger UI to reach the right team.

If a high-quality lead wishes to learn more about pricing, they can directly reach the sales team through the chat channel assigned for pricing questions. This level of self-service is a win-win for both users and agents.

#5 Be where your customers are

48% of consumers favor companies with proactive support. And, what better way than reaching out proactively to customers in places where they are more likely to engage? Messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are used more than social media. Live chat integrations with messenger apps will allow you to start a conversation with your customers without requiring them to visit your website.

But, you don’t have to use them just for support, these messenger apps can also be used to proactively engage leads and visitors. You can nurture different groups of visitors over a course of time through low-touch and streamlined messaging – making it a great channel for lean or budget-strapped teams. 

Future-proof with live chat

Today, More than 30% of customers expect a live chat widget on your website. Since it’s conception, live chat has been the fastest way for customers to reach teams. For live chat to succeed, it requires businesses to constantly automate routine processes. By pushing for automation, your teams will be able to solve problems on a higher level rather than getting into the nitty-gritty of every query. Freshchat is a modern live chat tool that provides solutions to automate live chat. Find out how Freshchat can help you nail your game in 2020.

Cover Illustration by Swetha Kanithi.