Deliver modern and personalized experiences with ease 

Use bots to delight customers with instant answers

  • Answer Bot

Deliver instant, precise answers to your customer's questions helping with faster resolutions and happier customers

  • Custom Bot

Follow up answers with intent-based bot conversations driving customers to goals and actions

  • Bring your own Bot

Plug-in home-grown or third-party bots that suit your business needs


Route messages without breaking a sweat

  • Advanced assignment rules

Route and assign conversations to team members based on predefined rules, filters, and keywords

  • Load-balance conversations intelligently

Auto-assign conversations to team members based on their current load and skill level with Intelliassign

Integrate seamlessly with your favorite apps

Connect Freshchat with your CRM, Helpdesk, Marketing Automation, and other enterprise apps.

  • Bring all the tools you love

Connect with apps like Freshdesk, Google Calendar, Stripe and so on

  • Build custom apps to achieve more

Use our developer console to build apps to meet your requirements

  • Be where your customers want you to be

Integrate with Whatsapp, Apple Business Chat, and Facebook Messenger

Insights that power your CX

Optimize your customer experience and team productivity with metrics that matter

  • Access real-time dashboards

Identify workload and roadblocks and allocate resources accordingly.

  • Generate custom reports with your own BI

Integrate Freshchat with your BI tool to derive business-centric metrics that make sense to you.


Secure your business and customer data

✓IP and domain whitelisting   ✓JWT Authentication ✓Data encryption  ✓Cyber Essentials

Our robust data security and privacy practices form an integral part of our product engineering and service delivery principles.

  • A multi-tier data security model

  • End-to-end security in the product lifecycle

  • Highly resilient architecture

Supercharge your Enterprise CX with Freshchat

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