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Facebook Messenger

Be on Messenger from your team inbox

Get on the social bandwagon - that’s where your users spend most of their time. Bring all the conversations happening on Facebook Messenger insider your Freshchat team inbox and get more done - auto-route conversations to the right team member and get all the contextual information in-between conversations to support and sell smarter.


Get on board the messaging app used by 1.5 bn people — go where your prospects and customers are rather than bringing them to your website or app. Allow customers to opt-in for updates to receive communication from you on their WhatsApp inbox. Respond to conversations and manage them at scale using Freshchat.


Engage on conversations from Slack channels

Do you use Slack for team messaging and collaboration? With our integration, direct incoming messages from users on Freshchat to a specific Slack channel. You can not just be notified, but can even respond right from Slack. Great for small teams that practically live on Slack.


Bring your support and messaging workflow together

Engage and support visitors and customers using the one-of-a-kind web messenger inside Freshdesk. Assign conversations to a group or a team member, get all the required context to offer better support, and convert resolved conversations into tickets.

A messenger right inside your helpdesk

Chat with visitors on your website and customers inside your product from the Freshchat messenger inside Freshdesk.

Bring your knowledge base inside Freshchat

Transport all your FAQ articles to the Freshchat messenger for a non-siloed self-service experience.


Target visitors proactively, qualify leads, and convert them

Sales teams on Freshsales can interact with website visitors, who are potential customers with the help of a handy and context-driven messenger inside Freshsales. The messenger also pulls information of existing leads from Freshsales, user profile from Clearbit, and gives information on the user’s navigation path for sales teams to reply with context.

Auto-upload leads into your CRM

The lead bot collects visitor's contact information and auto-loads them into Freshsales to help account managers get to business and close deals without fretting over manual uploads.

Track your campaigns

Track visitors having conversations with you based on the campaign they come from. Send UTM parameters like campaign source, medium, and name to Freshsales and know if your marketing dollars are bringing the right kind of impact.


Convert conversations on Freshchat into tickets on Zendesk. Manage and respond to Freshchat conversations through Zendesk.

ClearBit Reveal

Freshchat’s integration with Clearbit enriches user profile of prospects you’re talking to with data points such as name, contact information, work profile, link to social handles, and more for a messaging experience that convert leads and delights users.


Install Freshchat on your Shopify store to support shoppers in real time and reduce cart abandonment. Send proactive messages that drive shoppers to buy from you and provide instant and personalized response to complaints and queries. Add FAQs to your messenger to help shoppers self-discover solutions and reduce the number of incoming enquiries.


Use Freshchat on your Wordpress site to engage with visitors and readers. Trigger messages based on visitor behavior - encourage them to share your new travel story or give feedback on the latest recipe you have published. Integrate your self-service and messaging experience by adding FAQs that deflect the number of messages and support tickets, thereby focusing on high impact conversations.