WhatsApp solutions for Businesses

WhatsApp offers two solutions to run your business on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business App

It is a free app available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store that can be directly downloaded on your phone.


With the WhatsApp Business app you get only the basic functionalities like automatically greeting a user, away messages, and the ability to create a product catalog. It supports only one agent per WhatsApp number and doesn’t support chatbots.


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WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API establishes communication between your customers (using WhatsApp) and your support team. 


When you use WhatsApp Business API, your agents can engage with customers in real-time, with context, and a unified view via Customer Messaging Software. Offers everything you’ll need to grow your business on WhatsApp, including chatbots and multi-agent support.


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Top WhatsApp Business API features to delight your customers



Assist your customers 24x7 with common queries, help them with product recommendations, share order updates automatically and deliver an effortless online store experience on WhatsApp.




WhatsApp business chatbot ecommerce example WhatsApp business chatbot ecommerce example

Multiple Agents

Respond instantly and support your customers at scale with the help of multi-agent functionality. WhatsApp Business API integrated with a Customer Messaging Software improves your team’s productivity by:

  • Providing a unified inbox to your agents for seamless collaboration

  • Setting up assignment rules on the go

  • Automatically assigning chats to respective teams based on the type of questions

  • Reassigning customers and tasks to other agents/ teams with a note.



WhatsApp multi agent WhatsApp multi agent


Message Templates

Share notifications or alerts that can help you proactively connect with customers. All message templates are first approved by WhatsApp to ensure a high-quality user experience and stop spam. Businesses can -

  • Send order and payment updates

  • Recommend products based on a recent purchase

  • Send back in stock notifications

  • Alert customers on relevant offers and deals


WhatsApp Business API Message Template WhatsApp Business API Message Template




Interactive Buttons

Direct your customers to your website, ask them to pay for their order or let them call your support team using the interactive button message templates. 

WhatsApp offers two types of interactive button templates:

a. Call-to-action buttons -  Encourage your consumers to visit your website or call your support team. These message templates can have up to two buttons per message.

b. Quick reply buttons - Receive instant customer responses with ‘Quick reply button’ templates and respond in real-time. These message templates can have up to three buttons in one message.

WhatsApp button WhatsApp button

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API


Use chatbots to assist customers with purchases, payments, and repeated queries. Help your agents be more productive by leveraging the automation available with Freshdesk Messaging and WhatsApp Business API integration.

Convenient commerce

With WhatsApp’s capability to deliver an online store experience and showcase products with rich media, you have an opportunity to improve sales while delivering customer service.

Proactive notifications

Proactively share updates related to an order, service request, appointment, or payments. This reduces the need to ask follow-up questions and reduces repetitive queries.

Trusted engagement

A verified business profile ensures the legitimacy of both the business and the end-user, which means that you and your customer are operating in a protected environment.

Effortless conversations

On WhatsApp, chat is a two-way street where businesses and customers can interact effortlessly in real-time and on the go.

Familiar rich text chats

Leverage the familiar WhatsApp interface to send text messages, images, and videos to your customers and talk to them the same way they would talk to their friends.

How different industries can use WhatsApp Business API



✔ Build a full-fledged e-commerce store on WhatsApp. 

✔ Use chatbots to create an end-to-end buying experience.           

✔ Share details such as - order status, payment confirmation,  time of delivery, delivery confirmation with your customers.

✔ Use chatbots to assist customers with requests such as updating delivery address, order cancellation, refund status.

✔ Reduce cart abandonment rate with back-in-stock reminders,  recommendations based on recent purchases, relevant offers, and deals.

✔ Notify your customers about new product launches relevant to them.



ecommerce v2 1 ecommerce v2 1



Banking and Finance

When it comes to financial transactions, there are two types. One where the client would prefer human interaction vs one where the client would like complete autonomy.

✔ Help customers avail self-service for basic tasks such as

  • Opening an account

  • Getting an account statement

  • Blocking a card

  • Finding an ATM nearby

✔ Share installment reminders or information on premium services 

✔ Share relevant offers such as credit card discounts and/or partnerships

✔ Product recommendations on recent purchases such as signing up for a new credit card, line of credit or installment plan.



WhatsApp API banking and finance chatbot flow WhatsApp API banking and finance chatbot flow


Delivery Services

✔ Help customers place an order directly from WhatsApp

✔ Use chatbots to help customers with

  • Order status

  • Payment confirmation

  • Updating delivery or order details

  • Order cancellation

  • Refund requests

✔ Get delivery confirmation (with OTP)

✔ Collect delivery feedback



WhatsApp Business API for delivery service WhatsApp Business API for delivery service



Travel and Hospitality

70% of travelers prefer to be notified via messaging and 54% of Millenials prefer messaging to calling for lost luggage and other help. With WhatsApp Business API.

✔ Share hotel bookings, boarding passes, and communicate any delay or rescheduling.

✔ Address any queries related to the travel and stay.

✔ Share custom deals based on users travel preferences

✔ Notify customers about flight prices they are tracking

✔ Send cart abandonment reminders for flights not yet purchased.

WhatsApp business API for travel and hospitality WhatsApp business API for travel and hospitality

Freshdesk Messaging + WhatsApp Integration 

A complete business solution

Plug-in and use

Use the Marketplace to connect with tools like Freshdesk, Stripe, Calendly, etc

Route automatically

Route incoming messages to the right teams instantly and increase CSAT.

Analyze and Optimize

Derive insights from customer touchpoints and make business-critical decisions

Take service to customers

Use Freshdesk Messaging with other digital channels like Messenger, LINE, Telegram, Messages, etc

Break the language barrier

Personalize your agent and customer experiences in 20+ languages. Automatically translate incoming messages

Secure your data

Use a robust and secure software that’s GDPR compliant

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