What are chatbot templates?

Chatbot templates are pre-designed bot workflows that businesses can install into their conversational messaging or chatbot platform. The templates include a set of common conversations that happen when a customer seeks out support. Templates include human-like chat scripts that are timed and programed to handle interactions without the involvement of human agents. 

The chatbot templates are commonly categorized by industries to suit the unique nature of each business' need. 


Support leaders can choose to use chatbot templates to reduce support query volumes. Bot workflows can be introduced to reduce the reliance on live agents to handle routine and redundant queries. With the successful deployment of these templates, your agents can focus on complex, nuanced problem solving while the bot handles simple questions. 


Check out the templates available for your industry.

Artificial + Human Intelligence = Smarter Conversations

with Freshchat

Automate resolutions

Save time for your customers and agents by having your bot automate resolutions.

Digitize IVRs

Collect all the required context and triage your conversations to the relevant agent groups.


Deliver scalable, intelligent support across all channels and make your agents more productive.

Reduced handle times

With real-time resolutions, intelligent automation, and contextual agent handovers, you can significantly reduce your Average Handle Time.

Optimized support

Save money and reduce support staffing costs by front-lining your bots to take care of most of your customers’ repetitive questions.

Improved CSAT

Provide instant resolutions through intelligent self-service automation and create happy customer advocates for your brand.