Why do you need a chatbot builder?

Chatbot builders allow you to build chatbots that can work on your website, apps, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and Facebook Messenger at the same time. This helps reduce the extra effort of building separate chatbots for different channels, reduces the deployment time, and makes the whole process cost-effective.

Looking for a free chatbot builder?

If you are just starting with chatbots, chances are that you're looking for a free chatbot builder. Free chatbot builders are capable of building chatbots that can be deployed on your website, however they can only perform simple automations such as asking a set of predefined questions, searching for an answer from within your knowledge base, handing over a chat to an agent, and collecting user data.

If this sounds suspiciously like a simple self-service web widget, it's because "Free" chatbot builders can only do much and can’t really build AI-enabled chatbots at all. These free alternatives will quickly display their limitations when you need to upgrade their capabilities, deploy on different messaging channels or integrate them with your help desk or CRM. 

That’s why if you want to build future-proof AI chatbots that will fulfill all your requirements at different stages of your business growth and on the channels of your choice, then consider paid options that are truly AI-enabled.

Check out Freshchat’s unified no-code chatbot builder in action

Build the perfect AI chatbot for your business to automate lead generation and customer service in no time.

Future-proof your customer service with our chatbot builder

Freshchat provides advanced tools and a visual chatbot builder to easily build and deploy AI chatbots for your business



Delight, not just deflect

Remove the guesswork from your responses. Build a chatbot that understands customer intent, provides the right information instantly, and saves time for your customers and agents

No code chatbot builder No code chatbot builder




Offer seamless self-service with a chatbot that learns

88% of customers expect companies to offer an online self-service portal. Build chatbots that can answer common questions, learn from your helpdesk tickets, and can be trained on different variations of a question.

Serve ZCR everywhere Serve ZCR everywhere



Offer support in multiple languages

Build multilingual chatbots to respond to your customers in their native language. Upload scripts of your bot conversations in any language so your bot can speak in your customers’ preferred language.

Multilingual chatbot view Multilingual chatbot view



Customize to reflect your brand

Own the look and feel of your chatbot widget so it reflects your brand values. With our chatbot builder, customize the shape, color, size, and everything about your widget with our simple CSS editor.






chatbot customization chatbot customization


Boost your engagement on messaging channels

Easily build and deploy chatbots on messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and LINE Messenger to serve your customer on their preferred channel and deliver a unified customer experience.

Chatbots on messaging channels Chatbots on messaging channels

How to build a chatbot in Freshchat?

new design new design
bot builder step 2 bot builder step 2
Bot builder step 3 Bot builder step 3
Bot builder step 4 Bot builder step 4

How to build a chatbot in Freshchat?

Sign up for Freshchat and navigate to bot builder

Click on the Bot tab available in the left-hand sidebar and click on the New Bot or select from ready-made chatbot templates

new design new design
Create a new bot flow

Click on the + button to add a new flow or click on the existing flows to edit them.

bot builder step 2 bot builder step 2
Preview your chatbot

Once you are done creating a chatbot flow, preview it by clicking on the Preview button at the top right-hand side.

Bot builder step 3 Bot builder step 3
Deploy your chatbot

Click on the deploy tab and select deploy option as Messaging Channel/Web/App based on business requirements and deploy your chatbot on that channel.

Bot builder step 4 Bot builder step 4

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