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Topics help streamline conversations between visitors and your business. With topics, visitors can pick up the subject relevant to their query, and hear back from experts in your team who have been mapped to those topics. Team members can customize welcome messages to set context or expectations, and schedule campaigns and triggers to arrive inside topics, making conversations accessible and continuous.

Unlimited Contacts

Contacts are website visitors who converse with you or users of your product. Is your team deleting old contacts to accommodate new ones? With unlimited contacts, your team won’t have to worry about deleting data with increasing website visitors or users.

Freshdesk Messaging-Unlimited Contacts Freshdesk Messaging-Unlimited Contacts

Custom views

Admins and team members can create custom chat views to identify conversations that are assigned to a specific group or set of team members, or mapped to a topic. This helps team members jump in on conversations that need them the most, or shadow others on the team.

Custom view screen Custom view screen

Web messenger

Give your website visitors the experience of modern messaging they are used to, with a personal, customizable, and user-friendly messenger.

Chat history

With continuous chat history, break free from time-bound sessions. Conversations can be picked from where they left. Both team members and end users get full access to their previous messages, helping them familiarize with context and speed up on the replies.

Rich media support

Converse with images, rich text with linking, and emojis, choosing the medium that best conveys the message, because both pictures and emojis are definitely worth a thousand words.

Team Profiles

With profiles, team members can add a happy face, their job title, a short bio, and their social handles behind their name to make the conversation feel human.

Web Messenger Web Messenger

Priority Inbox

Don’t keep your most important site visitors waiting. The priority inbox view presents an ordered list of conversations for your team members to act on messages that need immediate attention.

Priority Inbox Screen Priority Inbox Screen

Team widget

Team members can talk to website visitors from the apps they already use, with an intuitive team widget that sits inside their CRM and helpdesk tools. Converse with prospects, move deals down the funnel, resolve support queries - without switching tabs and losing patience.

Team widget screen Team widget screen