Be customer-first with Freshchat

Your customers want your business to be more accessible than ever. Let them know you’re there for them.

Create messages that resonate with your customers

Increase customer engagement by 3X on your website, mobile app or on WhatsApp by creating compelling messages with the help of images, GIFs and videos.

Target and trigger at the right moments

Design intricate flows to pinpoint the exact target segment and timing to trigger the message with ease.


Respond to their questions by delivering instant answers by using our NLP powered bots or automatically send their responses to the right team and the right agent.

Deliver timely high-context emails served hot, not cold

Trigger intent-driven emails to prospects and customers based on the actions they take on your website, product, or app.


Send emails to a segment of prospects and customers at a scheduled time to re-engage them or to make an announcement.

Use data without the data scientists

Measure and analyze key metrics from the last or the ongoing campaigns with the readymade dashboard. Accordingly, optimize the performance of your next campaigns.

Utilize Campaigns to the maximum

Utilize Campaigns to the maximum

Nudge users to action
Onboard first-time users
Keep users informed
Re-engage repeat users
Help at tricky moments

Why Campaigns?

Reduced queries

34% reduction in customer queries after messaging customers at the right moments

Reduced operational costs

Your customers prefer messaging. Bring call volume down by 40% and decrease operational costs

Increased Engagement

Campaigns increase engagement rates to 40% - 50% from 30%

Here’s how our customers use Campaigns