In-app chat

Reach out to your users proactively, and allow your app users to get in touch with you, be it asking for order updates, delivery status, support queries or responding to in-app campaign messages.

Users can pick specific message channels to start messaging your business around the appropriate topic. Channels let you streamline and route conversations to the right teams. Welcome messages in channels are configurable and help you set a context for the conversation and manage user expectations.

Native FAQs ensure your users can look up answers all the time, even on flaky networks. Picture messages increase the efficiency of interaction, while deep-links enhance the user experience by taking them to the right content or screen directly.

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Push notifications

Alert users with push notifications to ensure they do not miss out on conversations when they are not actively using your app or are out of your app. Proactive engagement via in-app campaigns for mobile let users be notified on their device even when they are on a different app. Delight your users with an asynchronous, convenient and native mobile experience.

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Mobile app for team members

Small team or a large one, the Freshdesk Messaging app for Android and iOS lets team members engage with visitors or users when they are away from their desk or are on the move. Team members are alerted to new messages instantly. They can view conversations, user details, and activity, assign conversations to other team members, resolve, reply, add private notes, canned responses, images
, and FAQs.

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