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Powerful automation capability

Freshmarketer’s flagship product journey would let you visually create drips, autoresponders, comprehensive workflows (like onboarding flow), to engage customers at any point in their lifecycle. Its drag and drop nature give enormous flexibility to marketers to create engaging workflows without getting intimidated. 

Sendgrid, on the other hand, has pretty basic automation capability, so basic that it can’t let you create even normal auto-responders without adopting a lot of workarounds.


powerful automation capability powerful automation capability


Behavior tracking

SendGrid can’t track user’s activities on the web. They only track campaign-specific activities like click, open, delivered, unsubscribe, spam report, etc. This means it is impossible to send emails via SendGrid which are triggered by user’s action on your website (like sending a follow-up email to contacts who played feature video). 

With SendGrid event-triggered messaging or event-triggered action is simply out of the equation. The best you could do is track the activity of users on the email sent via SendGrid, but that presents a very limited room to marketers to experiment with their user engagement or automation. Without behavior tracking, you can not fully leverage the power of automation.  


behavior tracking behavior tracking

Web form tracking

For any business, especially B2B, forms are a critical component which is why webform tracking as a capability is intrinsic to an email marketing software. SendGrid doesn’t have web form tracking capability. It instead provides integration with 3rd party widgets which can help you with form building and feeding data to the list. Those widgets are naturally separately billed which inflates the overall price to run a campaign.  

Freshmarketer has inbuilt form tracking feature which is supremely simple to use, thus not requiring the intervention of your dev team to track forms.

form tracking form tracking


Dedicated marketing automation system

SendGrid started as hosted email delivery service and is still known as same by the majority of its users. It provides SMTP endpoints and HTTP APIs to enable customers to send email from their web apps. It’s main value proposition was, and still is, to help you send your email via its service instead of using a local mail server, which is why it’s pricing is also based on the number of emails sent.

Gradually it is moving towards marketing automation to capture the automation requirements of its customers and also capitalize the new wave. Freshmarketer, on the other hand, started as a marketing automation system and has no pretension or desire to become anything else.


dedicated marketing automation system dedicated marketing automation system



Dedicated support and training regardless of ACV 

In Sendgrid, support is only available in its premium plan. Freshmarketer, on the other hand, doesn’t attribute any revenue to ‘support’ in its pricing. So our support is available every day via email, chat or phone regardless of the plan.

fm-mailchimp-support fm-mailchimp-support

Feature Comparison

Pricey SendGrid does not come with major marketing automation features. Here's the proof.
Feature List
Dedicated IP
Subscription management
Email campaigns
Email Templates
Web form tracking
Journey creation
Email Automation
Behavioral tracking
Phone + Chat support

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