We are witnessing a dramatic shift in how people shop and engage with businesses. Take ecommerce for example, in the U.S. alone, consumers spent more money online during April and May 2020 than the last 12 Cyber Mondays combined. Today, this shift in consumer behavior makes companies rely heavily on email marketing software to connect with the right people and build a following. 

So what really makes a good email stand out? 

The content of the email and the platform used to send it. 

With an email marketing software you can:

Send emails to prospects, nurture leads, and turn them into customers.

Group people through segmentation and send relevant emails that increase the click-through rates.

Improve your relationship with new subscribers and existing customers.

Tailor personalized emails for onboarding new customers, promote new offers, send monthly email newsletters and increase brand awareness.

An email marketing software increases the chances of prospects reading your emails, which otherwise might go unnoticed. 

Which brings us to the next question.


Why use email marketing software? 

Whether your customers are business owners or direct consumers, an email inbox is inadequate for your email marketing program. The emails you send should catch their attention and compel them to open it.

To increase deliverability and click-throughs, you need to include personalization without editing emails one by one. If you are a global brand, your emails should reach a subscriber’s inbox at an ideal time and not while they are asleep.  

Your email marketing tool must help you connect with buyers or customers and offer a personalized experience at scale. It should be able to deliver the 1:1 experience even if it is part of an email campaign targeting thousands of prospects.

A good email marketing software should: 

Automate conversations based on prospect behavior. By creating customer journeys and workflows, it must trigger emails at the right time and maximize engagement.

Empower you to keep a tab on all emails, interactions and which team member is assigned to a conversation via your email marketing software.

Help you understand where your prospects are from, their geographical location and tailor relevant email campaigns for them.

Help you acquire leads whether the number of subscribers for your email is for 10 or 10000.

Update your subscriber list with contacts who opt-in and remove prospects who unsubscribe.

How does email marketing software work?


The goal of any email campaign is simple, whether it is a small business or large. They include: 

Using only an email inbox to achieve these goals is not scalable. 

Personalizing the emails should be done manually. However, your email inbox isn’t equipped to track how your email campaigns perform or enable you to plan and respond to interested prospects.

Your email marketing software should support you in every stage of this strategy by:

Creating personalized 1:1 interaction with prospects and leads through emails that go straight to their inbox.

Discovering unresponsive prospects and helping you re-engage them with improved retargeting campaigns.

Getting the complete context of your prospects’ persona, grouping them into segments, and creating an email marketing strategy relevant to them.

Automatically assigning a team member to engage with prospects as soon as they reply through email, in-built phone integrations and more.

If you've been using your email inbox as your email marketing platform, it's time for an upgrade. One integrated solution for your team to create the right email, send it to the right prospect at the right time.

Why choose Freshsales Suite as your email marketing platform?


Email marketing is not the same as sending an email to a list of prospects. A successful email program requires research and depends heavily on behavior patterns across different touchpoints. 

Your target contact list shapes up after various rounds of lead generation, marketing, and promotional activities. Your email marketing platform must compliment your team's effort and help you turn prospects into leads and then into customers.

With Freshsales Suite, you can derive maximum returns on your promotional and marketing activities.


Advantages of Freshworks CRM in email marketing

Try an email marketing software crafted for your business

Freshsales Suite has been transforming email marketing for over thousands of businesses from around the world. Our suite of features doesn't stop with sending an email. It begins with sourcing prospect information for your team, and gathers information even after your hit send. One product that works in tandem from start to finish.

Attract, engage and convert prospects with an all-in-one email marketing tool

One size doesn't fit all. Your strategy should be a mix of different types of emails for different segments and stages. Based on your prospects and their journey, create email campaigns for different segments. 

  • Design and send bulk emails like offers and promotions, newsletters, product updates to customers and buyers. 
  • Route responses to your team automatically so that your team members can interact with them and help them understand your business better.
  • Get a consolidated summary of the prospect’s journey for your sales team to leverage and close deals effortlessly.
A representation of email marketing

Say hello to email marketing powered by AI

What can AI do to help improve email marketing? You’ll be amazed. That's why Freshsales Suite has Freddy, our AI-assistant that gives you a smarter way to generate more leads and drive more sign ups.

  • Auto-assess prospects based on designation, behavior, demography, relevant historical data. Tailor personalized email campaigns based on real-time data and increase engagement.
  • Specify the attributes and behavior that a qualified lead must have. Freddy will use this as an input to score prospects and turn them into qualified leads. 
  • Get insightful predictions that help you identify leads who are more likely to become customers. Also, determine leads that marketers should spend more time nurturing.
A representation of Freddy AI in Freshworks CRM

Track prospects across different sources

For an email campaign to perform well, you need to have a complete context of your prospects. This includes their contact details, their journey so far, and what made them reach out to you. Lead capturing forms like webinar registration, e-book download, or sign-up forms are a great way to collect information from website visitors. But does your email marketing tool join the dots together?

  • Collecting leads through multiple forms? Don’t let them rot on a spreadsheet. Integrate the form with your Freshsales Suite and start adding them to your contact list.
  • Eliminate administrative tasks like manually importing contacts periodically. Once integrated, automatically import leads into your marketing automation tool and ensure no one misses out on your email marketing campaigns.
  • Identify the source from where the contact originated to create personalized email campaigns and increase engagement.
Creating web forms in Freshsales Suite

Get smart analytics for data-driven decisions 

The best way to evaluate if your email campaign was a hit or miss is to measure its performance. Freshsales Suite brings in real-time data that help you be on top of the list with higher conversion, click-through rates, open rates and more. 

  • Generate reports from scratch or customize our templates for a visual run-down of your email marketing campaigns. Share reports to your team members to help them stay up-to-date.
  • Apply relevant filters to narrow down results to a specific list, time-frame and more. 
  • Identify growth opportunities and weaknesses to help you revise your campaigns and score more leads.

Powerful integrations that let you do more

To switch to a new platform requires more than a leap of faith. Complex systems may require more personnel to set it up and may take up to weeks to complete. You need to know if the platform can synchronously work with other tools that you already use. With Freshsales Suite, discover integrations that let your email marketing platform do much more. Explore rich integrations such as file sharing and collaboration, data migration, lead intelligence and so much more.

  • Expand what your email program can do with popular third-party integrations.
  • Work with the apps you love and avoid overwhelming your team with multiple tools for redundant objectives.
  • Explore previously tested and approved integrations that are easy to set up and consume very little time to get started with. 
A representation of integrations in Freshworks CRM

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