Make Freshworks CRM Your Own With Custom Modules

As sales teams expand, having a CRM that can adapt to unique business needs can help accelerate sales. Default modules in a CRM may not always meet your requirements. To solve this challenge, we bring you custom modules. Create customized modules and tailor Freshworks CRM to suit your unique sales process

For example, say your business is in the education and learning space. You can create ‘courses’ as a new module to store information about the various courses your education firm offers. 

Head over to the Module Customization section in Admin Settings and create a new module with customized fields. The newly added module will show up below the existing modules.

Custom Modules in Freshworks CRM

How Custom Modules can help personalize Freshworks CRM

1) Add fields and personalize them

Similar to default modules, custom modules have 6 default fields to capture information. Further, you can create custom fields to suit your new module and store relevant data. 

custom fields in custom modules

2) Build custom relationships with other modules

You can establish a link between your custom module to other modules using lookup fields. For example, link the deals module with the course module using the appropriate field (Sales owner). Additionally, you can use lookup fields to display the module on the landing page.

Lookup fields in custom modules

3) Create custom views using filters

Filters and Views are the best ways to organize your data in Freshworks CRM. You can leverage the power of Filters and Views in custom modules as well. Once your custom module is created, you can access the default filter views that are readily available. In the case of the ‘courses’ module, view default views like My Courses, All Courses, etc. 

You can also create custom filters that segment records in real-time and save them as a view for easy access. 

Custom views using filters in custom modules

4) Assign records to owners

Similar to default modules, you can assign records from the custom module to salespeople individually or in bulk. Assign new owners from the record landing page or from the list view in the custom module.

Assign records to owners


5) Bulk actions on Custom modules

Bulk actions in Freshworks CRM help eliminate repetitive actions and focus more on selling. Perform bulk actions like Assign, Update, and Delete on custom module records.

Custom Modules in Freshworks CRM

6) Control access to Custom Modules

Admins can configure module-level permissions for custom modules. The scope can be modified to one of 4 actions—view, create, edit, or, delete. 

Extend Freshworks CRM to suit your business needs

Scaling a business is a challenge and you need a CRM that can keep with your growing needs. Use custom modules, to create and tailor upto 10 modules and mirror your CRM to the way your business operates. Read our support article to learn more about custom modules.

Cover illustration by Ashna Liza Sunny